Information about the event in october


The postponement of the event to October 30th and 31st is a possibility that we had foreseen and communicated as soon as the registration opened.
The information about october date are available on the different pages of our website but for more clarity we have decided to regroup them here.


Enrolment information

What steps should you take with this postponement?

Transfer of registration

Your registration will automatically be transferred to October without any further action on your part.

Proof of ability

The 2020/2021 FFA licenses will no longer be valid in October as they expire at the end of August. If you have used a license as proof of ability, you must either upload a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of running in competition made after November 1, 2020, or upload your FFA license 2021/22 when you have it.

For those who have uploaded a medical certificate, the date of completion will be taken into account. If your document was made after November 1, 2020 you will not have to do anything new. If not, you will have to upload a new document.

In any case, if your document is no longer valid for the end of October, you will receive an email informing you before the end of May

What if you cannot attend in October?
What would happen if the event could not take place in October?

At the time of the opening of the registrations, we committed ourselves to refund the totality of your registration* if the cancellation intervened until 30 days before the date of the race (that is to say September 30).

After this date, we will compensate you for 80%* and offer you a 30% discount in year N+1
*Excluding bank charges, association help and fees for not licences runners
People who have bought a number from a competitor who has already registered as part of a number exchange will not be reimbursed because the payment of the registration is not made via the module and does not go through the organization, this is not a choice on our part but a constraint related to our registration module.

Possibility of re-opening registrations

At the time of the opening of the registrations, we had voluntarily limited the number of registered runners to 5000, which corresponded to the sanitary protocol put in place during the summer of 2020.
Depending on the evolution of the pandemic and the health protocols, we will decide later to reopen the registrations.

In any case, this reopening would not be done before this summer in order to allow runners already registered and wishing to transfer their race number to do so serenely.

Information about selling bibs between runners

General information
  • When transferring a bib, the payment of the bib and any options is made directly between the runners and does not commit the organizer
  • The seller can choose to sell the bib alone or the bib + the options taken (except cancellation insurance) and is free to set the selling price he wants
  • A facebook group have been created in order to facilitate the connection between seller and buyer.
Seller information
  • Once you have agreed with a buyer, you can start the bib transfer procedure by following the steps specified on the online help
  • Your identifiers to access your personal space were sent to you by email when you registered.
    If you do not find them, here is how to request them again
  • You can see all the options you took when you registered by going to your personal space, clicking on “Runner Bag” and downloading your invoice
  • Transferring options to the buyer:
    – The options can only be transferred when you transfer your race number.
    – If you do not resell the options with your race number, we will not proceed to any refund.
    – The registration module only allows the automatic transfer of the race number and not the options.
    If you have resold options, once the number transfer has been done on the module, please fill in the following form so that we can transfer these options manually.
  • Specific case of team races (R-Race 2 & 4 / Semi & MaXi-O)
    – For team races, the bib transfer is done runner by runner.
    – Each person registered in the team must go to his personal space and make the transfer according to the method explained in the guide
    – The team name cannot be changed by the buyers. They will have to send an email to the organization once the number transfer is done, which will make this change manually.
Buyer information
  • The purchase of a bib implies the acceptance of the rules of the event
  • The purchase of a bib is done directly with a registered runner who can sell you the number alone or the number with the options he has taken. It is up to you to agree.
  • Once you have reached an agreement, it is up to the seller to transfer his race number by going to his personal space. On your side, you will find an explanation of the actions to do on the last page of the online help
  • The registration module only allows the automatic transfer of the bib.
    The possible options will be transferred manually by our team in a second time if the seller makes the request.
    There will be a delay of a few days before the transfer of the option is carried out and you will be informed by e-mail when it is done.
  • When you buy a bib, you will have to pay on the registration module the help to the associations, the fees for the non licensed runners, the bank fees.
  • If you buy a number from a registered runner, it will not be possible to subscribe to the cancellation insurance, nor to obtain a refund if you cannot participate in the event or if it cannot take place in October.
    This is not a choice on our part but a constraint linked to our registration module.
  • If the number transfer is done between 45 and 20 days before the event, the number allocation and the starting SAS cannot be updated. The new runner will therefore start in the SAS corresponding to the ITRA rating of the old runner.
  • Specific case of team races (R-Race 2 & 4 / Semi & MaXi-O)
    – For team races, the number transfer is done team by team and the salesmen will carry out the transfer operation for each person registered within the team
    – The name of the team cannot be changed by the buyers. Once the transfer is done, you will have to send us an email specifying the old team name and the new one

Race information

Modification of routes and times.

The Greenweez MaXi-Race is 150km of marked routes, plus 84km of alternative routes registered with the prefecture, which allow us to quickly direct the runners on less “committed” routes according to the different weather forecasts that our dedicated router announces.
By carrying out the event in October, we are likely to use some of these variants just as interesting, to avoid some runners of the night passages which can “quickly” become impressive!
We are now starting to work on the adaptations to be implemented so that the event can take place in the best conditions and we have already exchanged with many actors: President of the departmental committee of the hunting federation, Geopark of the Bauges, alpagists…

Changes in the schedule will be made:

Saturday :
– The departures of the Ultra, XXL, MaXi, XL and R-Race will be at midnight and not 2:30 (back to the schedules made the first 3 years of the Ultra-race)
The objective of this change is to allow the “non-elite” runners to achieve the maximum of the end of the course, which is the one where the organisms are the most tired, during the day.
On the MaXi-Race, the elite runners will do the majority of the race at night with a finish around 8:30 am, a singularity on this race format!
A little wink for the Ultra runners who will finish the race on Sunday between 2:00 and 8:00 am, remember to watch your watch and not to be fooled by the time change, we will see who is still lucid after a hundred km 😉
– The Fémina “special Pink October” will be shifted to 8am, with a departure just before sunrise – a departure of the Fémina-Race that will be able to take place for the first time in the middle of smoke!
– For the MaXi’O and Semi’O, nothing has been defined yet, as it will be more complicated if the race is postponed to October.
Sunday :
Be careful with your watches, you will have to think about changing time… at 3am, it will be 2am…
– The start of the Marathon-Race will be advanced by 1 hour to leave around 6:30 am for the first wave (schedule to be refined). The first runners will be able to admire a sunrise at the chalet des crottes after having made the departure with the light of the smoke !!!
– On the Marathon-eXperience :
The departure will be advanced of 30 min to leave around 8:30 am for the first wave (schedule to be refined)
A variant will be set up at the pass of the “contrebandier” (km 36 and 2000mD+) 45 min before the nightfall, to avoid the last “bump” and the passage at night on the high sector of the Mont-Baron. This change will make you run 200m less and the runners being redirected on this course will be considered as finishers but a time adjustment will be made to guarantee a sporting equity towards the runners having realized the initial course.
– The start of the Short-Race will be advanced by 45 minutes and will take place at 7:15 am at the same time as the sunrise.

These schedule changes will lead to changes in the time gates which will be updated on the different race pages in case of postponement.

Weather conditions

You will find below a comparative history of the weather conditions in May and October