Cancellation insurance
Reminder: no refunds will be issued if you have not purchased the cancellation insurance

The cancellation insurance (purchased when you register for the race) is only valid if you have a relevant medial certificate or written notice from your employer stating that you have to work abroad for several days.

It is only possible to purchased a concellation insurance for The Ultra-Race the Maxi-Race, the XXL and XL Race

For any question about cancellation insurance, please send us an email at

Cancellation insurance prices :

  • Ultra-Race : 16€
  • MaXi-Race : 14€
  • XXL-Race = 16€
  • XL-Race = 14€

For the other races, you will have the opportunity to sell your bib. More information on the FAQ section

Only the cost of registration will be covered (minus €2 admin fee). Extras such as internet fees, meals, bus, bivouac, text messages, etc. are not covered.

Maximum amounts refunded :

  • Ultra-Race = 130€
  • MaXi-Race  = 90€
  • XXL-Race = 130€
  • XL-Race = 95€

How do I request a refund ?

Send us the following documents by post :

  • the document from your doctor/ employer
  • a letter requesting refund, with the date, your full name, address, telephone number, the name of the race and price paid (including extras). The cost of the insurance and any bank fees will not be refunded.

Details of the document proving non-availability :

  • Medical certificate :
    • Your certificate must be dated between 01st April 2019 and 23rd May 2019 and must state that, ” Mr/ Mrs ….. is unfit to take part in a running race on the weekend of 24 May to 26 May 2019″ and must reach us before 23 May 2019.
    • The date on the certificate and the date of postage are important and the deadline must be respected (neither before nor after the given dates), otherwise our refunds team will not accept your request and may not even reply.
  • Document from your employer stating your obligation to travel abroad for work for several days.
    • this document must be written, signed and stamped by your employer and reach us no less than 10 days before the event  (i.e. before 14 May 2019).

Postal address for your refund request (do not send it recorded delivery. All the refunds will be done in june):
MaXi Event’s – Cancellation Insurance
17 rue de la barrade
74960 Meythet

Selling bibs

If you want to sell your bib, all the information are available on the FAQ page