Page updated the 10 of october

We have created this page to give you information about the evolution of the organisation of the event over the months. It is regularly updated to inform you of the progress of the different steps but also of the information we have concerning the health protocols in place in relation to the Covid19 pandemic.

Our covid barometer

The official authorization to hold the event will be given between 10 days and 24 hours before the event.
Nevertheless, the numerous exchanges that we have with the different interlocutors give us confidence that we can organize the event at the end of October by putting in place an adapted sanitary protocol.



Probability that the event can take place at the end of October

The sanitary protocol

We have been working for several weeks with the different services concerned in order to elaborate a sanitary protocol allowing to guarantee the holding of the event in optimal conditions.
This protocol is still in the process of being validated by the services of the prefecture but here are the main points.

People management :

  • In order to participate in the event, competitors will have to present a valid health pass
  • Access to the I-run MaXi-Village will be possible for all (runners as well as accompanying persons) but will be subject to the presentation of a valid health pass
  • Special attention must be paid to the validity of passes obtained by means of PCR or antigenic tests, especially for races taking place over several days (XL and XXL Race)
  • The Synlab laboratory will be present at the entrance of the village in order to carry out Antigenic tests allowing to obtain a sanitary pass valid for a period of 72 hours.
    The price will be 22€ (not reimbursed by the Social Security)
    We ask you to reserve a slot in advance and we advise you to pay online. Payment on site will be possible by check or credit card (payment by card is not guaranteed as it depends on the available mobile network).
    Booking and payment procedure
    – Link to book your appointment:
    Then select the MAXI RACE collection point and indicate the MAXI mdp
    If needed you can consult the online help for the reservation
    – Link for the online payment:
    Then follow the instructions in this document 

I-run MaXi-Village :

  • Wearing a mask will be mandatory in the village.
  • Hydro-alcohol gel will be available.
  • In the food and beverage areas, not wearing a mask will be tolerated during the meal or tasting periods.
  • The withdrawal of the race numbers will be done on reservation on your personal space in order to manage the flow of people.
    You will have to come and pick it up in person so that we can check your health pass.

Organization of the races:

  • The races will start in successive waves of 300 to 500 runners (depending on the format).
  • The wearing of a mask will be mandatory to enter the SAS and you will be able to remove it a few minutes before the start when the announcer will indicate it to you.
  • The mask is part of the mandatory equipment and you must have one in your bag throughout the race
  • If you use the shuttles, you must wear a mask
  • In case of injuries, the runner will have to respect the sanitary instructions which will be given by the help.


  • Refreshment stations will be closed to the public and only accessible to runners, volunteers and emergency services
  • Hydroalcoholic gel will be available to runners at the entrance of each feed station.
  • 2 types of refreshment stations will be available:
    – A “fast” refreshment station where runners will be offered packaged food placed on a support
    – A “standard” refreshment station where runners will be offered various self-service plates with a greater risk of waiting and a more limited choice than usual
  • Individual assistants will not be allowed at the refreshment stations. In some areas (specified in the race sheets), they will be tolerated in a specific area 200m before the refreshment station which will be marked with signs and the wearing of a mask will be strongly advised.