Page updated the 12th of may

We have created this page to give you information about the evolution of the organisation of the event over the months. It is regularly updated to inform you of the progress of the different steps but also of the information we have concerning the health protocols in place in relation to the Covid19 pandemic.

Our covid barometer

We did our best to organize the GreenWeez MaXi-Race on the last weekend of May but we are dependent on the evolution of the sanitary protocols and the restrictions that are put in place. We have therefore decided to organize the event on the fallback date communicated at the opening of registration: October 30 and 31, 2021.

For more clarity on the modalities of the postponement of the event, we have created a specific page in order to regroup the useful information present on the different pages of our website.

Nevertheless, we wish to maintain this page in order to continue to exchange with you until October


Probability that the event can take place at the end of October

Our indicators

Government information

On April 29th

-> a “reopening agenda” in 4 steps was released – the information brings some details allowing to finally plan!

On May 6th

-> Minister of Sports on France Tv info:
– On “mass sports events”, “leisure”, “all public” she mentioned thresholds of “50 to 100 people in May”, then “1,000 people in June” and “beyond towards July and August”.
– She specified that there were “discussions in progress” for certain events, in particular for exemptions to the curfew. Indeed, the organizers of the French Open tournament, who are planning evening matches this year and who wish to receive more than 1,000 people, have made requests that are currently being examined by the executive.

Our motivation

We did our best to organize the event on the last weekend of May, but we didn’t succeed, see you in October…
We have already put in place many procedures to increase the chances of organizing the event: limitation of the number of runners, creation of starting waves, adaptation of the refreshments…

Our network

For several weeks, we have been mobilizing our entire network (prefecture, elected officials, doctors, etc.) in order to be able to adapt as quickly as possible in the event of a change in protocols and to have information on the various hypotheses.

Your feedback

Many of you have trusted us by registering for the event and we thank you for that.
Throughout the year, we have done our best to maintain a constant link with you and to take into account your opinions and wishes, for example by having you participate in surveys or by exchanging with you by e-mail.

We will continue this process until October