Page updated the 30th of April
Next update before the beginning of may.

We have created this page to give you information about the evolution of the organisation of the event over the months. It is regularly updated to inform you of the progress of the different steps but also of the information we have concerning the health protocols in place in relation to the Covid19 pandemic.

The event is postponned in october. This page will be updated next week

Our covid barometer

We do our best to organise the GreenWeez MaXi-Race on the last weekend of May but we are dependent on the evolution of sanitary protocols and potential restrictions that are put in place.
As we indicated when you registered, we have submitted a possible postponement date of the event to the last weekend of October. Following the consultation that we made with the registered runners (see § Your feedback), we keep the timing initially planned and the decision of postponement to October or not will be taken between April 30 and May 5.


Probability that the event will take place normally (5000 runners) at the end of May.


Probability that a smaller event (1000 runners) will take place in France at the end of May.


Probability that the event can take place at the end of October (if not possible at the end of May).

Our indicators

Government information

On March 31, the President of the French Republic announced a lockdown for several weeks and also mentioned the fact that “we will build between mid-May and early summer a progressive reopening schedule for culture, sports, leisure, events … “.

To date we do not have more information on this schedule

Our motivation

We do our best to organise the event on the last weekend of May.
We have already put in place numerous procedures to increase the chances of organising the event: limiting the number of runners, creating starting waves, adapting the refreshments…

Our network

For several weeks now, we have been mobilising our entire network (prefecture, elected representatives, doctors, etc.) in order to be able to adapt as quickly as possible in the event of a change in protocols and to have information on the different hypotheses.

Following the extension of the state of health emergency until June 1st, we questioned our network, which told us that the ban on gathering more than 6 people on the public highway, present in article 3 of the law passed, does not automatically imply the impossibility of organising an event with an adapted health protocol.

Concerning the organisation of events at the end of May, no precise information is contained in the law passed.

Information dated March 2nd : exchange with the prefecture of Haute-Savoie
“the prefect 74 prohibits to date all sports events for the months of March-April (respect of the gauge of 6). Our file will therefore not be examined before mid-April (depending on developments).
Concerning the month of May, there is to date no decision, directive, except that the gauge of 6 runs until June 1, but that it can be lifted.”

March 30: Mail from the prefecture: event on standby, but not yet banned
You have submitted a file for a sporting event called “Maxi Race” which was to take place from May 29 to 30, 2021 in Haute-Savoie.
Due to the still fragile sanitary context, I would like to inform you that competitions and sports events are forbidden in the public space as soon as, by nature, they lead to gatherings of more than 6 people. Also, the organization of events gathering amateur sportsmen such as pedestrian, cycling or motorized races is forbidden until further notice. Only events for professional athletes are authorized.

Your feedback

Many of you have placed your trust in us by registering for the event and we thank you for it.
We are therefore doing our utmost to maintain a constant link with you and keep you informed of the progress of the organisation

In view of the current health situation, the probability that we can organize the event in May is low.
We therefore consulted all the registered runners at the beginning of April to find out if they would prefer us to postpone the event from April 10th or if we should wait and see if there is a change in the situation and if we can organize the event at the end of May.

The runners preferred that we wait a little longer and so we will respect the planning by taking the decision at the end of April.
For your information, here are the detailed results: