Frequently asked questions

FAQ will be updated in september


Timings, bib number, start ?

What time do I pick up my bib number and when does the race start?
All details are on the program and on the page dedicated to each race.

Can another runner collect my bib?

I you can’t collect your bib during opening time, someone else can collect it with a copie of your identity card and your mandatory equipment

Medical certificate

Where can I check whether or not my medical certificate has been approved?
Please note, it must be approved before 31 March! CLick on the link CERTIFICAT MEDICAL anglais 2018 to print out a template to be filled in and sent to us

Have my certificate and registration been approved?

You need to go to the list of registered participants and check if it says “OK” in green by your name. If so, all is in order. If not, your registration is pending confirmation (usually because the medical certificate is missing). If your registration is not green by 31 March, it is lost and no refund will be issued.

I am not longer able to race

  • Cancelation insurance : Ultra-Race, XXL-Race, Maxi-Race and XL-Race
    We propose a cancelation insurance that you can purchased when you register for the race (see the relevant page click here)
    No refunds will be issued if you have not purchased the cancellation insurance
    The cancellation insurance is only valid if you have a relevant medial certificate or written notice from your employer stating that you have to work abroad for several days (see details on the relevant page).
  • Bibs exchange : MaXi-Race, Marathon Race, Fémina Race, Short-Race
    Swika propose to sell and buy bibs until the 15th of april for this 4 races when they are full
    (If a race is not full until the 1st of april, it will not be possible de buy or sell bibs on Swika).
  • R-Race (2 ou 4 team)
    You’re a relay team (team race) and wish to change one of our team members. What should we do?
    You can do this directly in your captain’s personal file until the 15th of april

Changing events

Can I change race?
Yes, subject to places available. No refund will be issued ( you lose out on the difference).
Email us at so we can proceed with the modification.
Deadline for changes: 15th of April – after this date you will no longer have access to your online file or to the registration page.

Can I give my bibs directly to an another runner?

Depending of the race you can sell your bibs on swika website but unfortunatelly you can’t give or sell directly to another runner

Confirmation of registration

How can I check that I’m definitely registered?
The list of runners is online. You can also print off your personal file

Is it possible to register as a group?

Sorry but for the moment only french runner can register as a group.

SMS Option

You can take this option only when bibs are attribuated.


When and where should you pass the baton in the “Team Race Relay 2”? :

This year, it is mandatory to pass the baton in Doussard on the R-Race 2

How many ITRA (and UTMB) points are available in the Maxi-Race events?

You will find all the details on the ITRA website

  • Ultra-Race : 5 Itra points = UTMB points
  • XXL-Race : 5 Itra points = UTMB points
  • Maxi-Race : 4 Itra points= UTMB points
  • XL-Race : 3 Itra points = points UTMB
  • Marathon-Race : 2 Itra points = UTMB points
  • Fémina-Race & Short-Race : 1 Itra point = UTMB point
  • R-Race :  0 Itra point = UTMB point