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How to register?

Registration opening

Registration will open :
- the 9th of november for the runner with a priority
- the 16th of november for the Ultra-Race and Marathon (Race and Expérience)
- the 1st of December for all the other races

How to register ?

  • Please take your credit card (no payment by cheque) and your phone
  • Go to the registration site whose link is located at the bottom of the registration page
  • Click on the race of your choice
  • If "Registrations for this race are closed" is indicated, either the race is not yet open or it is full.
  • Fill in the requested information
  • At the time of payment, the bank (Crédit Mutuel) may carry out a verification that will send a code to the phone that is connected to your CB.
  • No registration can be taken into account without payment. If you do not pay for your order, the information entered will be saved but your place will not be reserved.

R-Race specificity

Registration for the R-Race is done by a team captain who can then manage the names of the other runners
To register for the R-Race, it is not mandatory to provide full contact information for all runners. The captain may complete his team's information or make a change of runners up to 15 days before the race date.
If a team captain can no longer participate in the race, we invite you to send us an email indicating the name of the new team captain so that the organization can make the change.

Proof of ability

To take part in the race, it is mandatory to provide a proof of ability that we advise you to download as soon as you register.
Otherwise you can do it until April 1st  by visiting your personal space.
Please note that no proof can be presented when you pick up your bibs or after this date, if you do not present a valid proof before this date, you will not be able to take part in the race, nor obtain a refund of your registration.

Proof of ability asked by the FFA and sample of certificate

The French Athletics Federation, which is the delegate federation of the Trail-running in France, requires the participant to present to the race organiser :

  • a French competition licence issued by the FFA
  • or a medical certificate less than one year old at the date of the race and written in French.
    We recommend that you upload our sample certificate and have it signed by your doctor

Registration practicle information

Elite runners bibs

Elite bibs are accessible within the limit of the quantities reserved for female runners with an ITRA ranking of 700 and over and male runners with an ITRA ranking of 820 and over.
Following the reduction of the number of runners on the races, the number of elite bibs is limited. If you meet the criteria and if you want an elite bib, we invite you to make a request by email to romainmaxirace@gmail.com

Funds paid to associations

Each year MaXi-Race donates between 1 and 3 € to associations.
We have chosen to indicate this option separately and set the minimum contribution at €1, but you can indicate more if you wish.
This contribution makes it possible to support many local associations: REVA, Ecole des Filles, sports clubs (ASPTT Annecy, Club nature de Chambéry...)

How to know if my registration is ok?

Once your registration has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email with an individual access code to allow you to modify or complete your registration file and in particular to add your proof of aptitude if you did not do so during registration.
If you do not receive emails within 24 hours of registration, please check your spam and contact us if necessary.

Bib number and starting lines

The allocation of your bib number will be made in May when registrations are closed. You can see it on your personal space.
Your number will be automatically established according to your ITRA rating and will determine your starting line.
In the event of an error when entering your name or date of birth, you will not be recognized by ITRA. So you will be in the last starting line.
Once the bib number has been assigned, it will no longer be possible to make any changes.

Change of race once you have registered

It is possible to change the race format once you have registered under the following conditions:

  • The race you want to be switched to must not be complete
  • If you choose a race with a higher price, we will ask you to pay the difference by bank transfer
  • If you choose a racer with a lower price, we will not refund the difference.

For any such request, we invite you to send an email to inscriptionmaxirace@gmail.com indicating your file number and the race you wish to be switched to

Information about Option

You will find bellow details and explanations of the different options that can be taken.
You can take these options when you register or later on your personal space before the platform is no longer accessible (around the beginning of April)


You don't have to pre-book shuttle for XL and XXL Day 1
Shuttles for the Marathon-Race and R-Race are free but you have to pre-book when you register or after in your personnal area
The shuttle for the other races have to be paid whn you register or after in your personnel space

Live tracking by Appli or GPS with Dotvision

Dotvision Motion offers to follow you in real time on the GreenWeez MaXi-Race.

  • Appli to download = 10€
    For the short races you can use the application to upload to your smartphone.
    Book this option when you register or later by going to your personal area and you will receive a code allowing you to use the application during the race.
  • GPS tracking rental = 25€
    For longer races, we advise you to rent a GPS tracker because depending on your smartphone the autonomy may not be sufficient. However, you can use the application if you have a powerbank for example.
    Book this option when you register or later by going to your personal space.
Race profil with Trace de Trail
  • Race profile = 3€
    On your bib will be present the profile of the race but you can buy a race profile, made on a tear-proof and waterproof support, of a dimension of 16cm by 6cm.
    On 1-day races, on the front side the race profile will be printed and on the back side the race table with time barriers where you can write your estimated passage times. On 2-day races, the profile of each day will be indicated on each side.
  • Race profile with reel = 6€
    In addition to the race profile, you can buy a reel system to attach your race profil with a clip on your backpack or clothing. It will allow you to visualize your profile and have it return to its position on its own.

You can take these options when you register or by going to your personal space. The profiles will be collected when you pick up your bibs on the MaXi-Village


We offer meals for runners as well as for those accompanying them.
Meals are taken in the tent of the MaXi-Village.
Friday: 18h30-21h30 / Saturday: 12h00-6h00 (Sunday - meal provided all night for finishers) / Sunday: 12h00-16h00
The price is 10€ for runners and 12€ for accompanying persons.


Race information

Elevation Drop
Race Name
ITRA ranking recommended
to be in time limits
Itra Pts>
Mounain points>
Number of runners
115km & 7700m D+1 day of raceUltra-Race380 pts58700
115km & 7700m D+ et D-2 days of racesXXL-Race380 pts58100
80km & 5000m D+1 day of raceMaXi-Race400 pts471300
80km & 5000m D+2 days of racesXXL-Race350 pts37350
80km & 5000m D+ et D-In Team of 2 or 4R-Race400 pts0150 team of 2
150 team of 4
39km & 3200m D+Minimum ITRA rating of 450 pts to register
Start from Talloires
Marathon-Race500 pts210700
42km & 2500m D+Start from DoussardMarathon-Expérience300 pts271200
16km & 950m D+Start sunday morning from MenthonShort-Race250 pts17700
16km & 950m D+Only for women
Start from Menthon
Fémina-Race160 pts17400

How to get information on the races

To have precise information, we invite you to read the dedicated page for each race

Information about of the switchover on the night route

For races whose arrival can be done at night (Ultra-Race, MaXi-Race, Short-Race, R-Race) a switchover will be made at nightfall to the platform of the old cable car (the km and the exact time is indicated on the table at the top of the page).
In order to guarantee the safety of the runners, you will be switched to a less technical route. You will still be considered as a finisher but a time adjustment of a few minutes will be made on your arrival time to ensure sporting fairness.

Information about the relay organisation

  • The R-Race can be done in 2 (R-Race 2) or 4 (R-Race 4).
  • Registration for the R-race is done by a team manager.
    To register for the R-Race, it is not mandatory to provide full contact information for all the runners. The team manager can complete his team's information or make a change of runners up to 15 days before the race date.
  • If the team manager can no longer participate in the race, we invite one of the runner to send us an email indicating the name of the new team manager and the organization will make the change (you can't do it by your self)
  • If a runner is out of time limits or can't finish his relay, the next runners will have the opportunity to run and will start just befaure the end of the time limits. However the team will not be considered as a finisher team.
  • If you have registered for R-Race 4 but only 3 of you start, a runner can do 2 relays but you will be ranked on R-Race 4 and it will not be possible to get a refund.
  • The changeover will take place in the "indicated zone" area. This zone will be located outside, in the middle of the assistance zone for other races between the green panel (zone entry) and the red panel (zone exit).
  • The runner who has just finished his relay can access to the refreshment point before changing his clothes, the other runners can't.
  • Accompanying persons or other runners will not be allowed to "enter" in the "covered" area where take place the refreshment point.
  • The order of the relays is free and does not have to be communicated to the organisation.
  • For the R-Race 2, the transfer of relays have to be done at Doussard


Impossibility to run once registered

If you have registered and cannot start, 2 solutions are available: Cancellation Insurance (if you took this option when you registered) or reselling your bibs via Swika website.

Cancellation Insurance for the Ultra, XXL, MaXi, XL, Marathon-Race, Marathon-Expérience (option to be taken when you register)
  • We offer cancellation insurance which must be taken when you  register. All the information is available here.
  • Cancellation insurance is only valid on presentation of an appropriate medical certificate or a certificate from your employer for several days’ business travel abroad.
  • If you did not take cancellation insurance when you registered, there is no possibility of refund.
Bib resale for complete races with Swika
  • For all complete races (except the R-Race and orienteering races), Swika offers you a bib resale service between competitors until April 15th.
  • If you can no longer participate, for whatever reason, you can very easily put your bib on sale on https://www.swika.co/ to make a happy runner who can buy your bib. So if you are unable to do so, drop off your bib in 3 clicks and Swika will credit you by bank transfer the week following the race if your bib finds a buyer.
  • As soon as a race is complete and registrations on the MaXi-Race site are closed, Swika will propose a bib re-sale solution for this race.
  • Attention, if a race is not complete before April 1st, it will not have a solution of “re-sale or exchange” of bibs and there will be no possibility of refund.
  • More information on the dedicated page
Specific case R-Race 2 or 4

There is no possibility of resale of bibs or cancellation insurance for these races.
Registration for the R-Race is made by a team captain who can then manage the names of the other runners or make a change of runners up to 15 days before the race date.
If a team captain can no longer participate in the race, we invite you to send us an email indicating the name of the new team captain so that the organization can make the change.

Specific case of options
Options such as buses, meals… are not refundable or transferable from one person to another.


Mandatory equipment

This mandatory equipment must be presented at the bib collection where checks will be made. No derogation will be accepted and the bib cannot be collected if the material is not presented.
For the R-Race, it is possible to present only 2 sets of mandatory equipment to collect the team's bibs.

  • "Waterproof and breathable" jacket as Gore-Tex jacket :
    - Ultra, XXL, Maxi, XL, Marathon, R-Race: mandatory
    - Femina and Short-Race: depends on the weather condition. This will be specified when you will collect your bib. However, it is mandatory to bring the jacket with you when you collect your bib because checks can be carried out.
  • Survival blanket in its original and uncut packaging.
  • Mobile phone charged
  • Water :
    - 1 litre minimum container for Ultra, XXL, XL and MaXi-Race
    - 0.75 litre container minimum for R-Race, Femina, Short and Marathon
  • Water container in addition to your water supply (reusable cup type)
  • Whistle
  • Headlamp in operation:
    - Ultra, XXL, XL Day 1, MaXi, Short-Race: all along the course (remember to take a second battery if necessary)
    - R-Race: Mandatory for relay 1 (Start / Semnoz) and relay 4 (Menthon-St-Bernard / Finish) / Not mandatory for relays 2 and 3 (between Semnoz and Menthon-St-Bernard)
    - Femina, Marathon, XXL and XL J2: not mandatory
  • Personnal food and drink
  • Suitable shoes (trail shoes type).
  • Visible bib (to be placed on the front of the runner. On some races, a second microchip will be attached to the back of your backpack).
  • Poles are authorized
  • In case of bad weather, we strongly recommend that you adapt your equipment. You will run on a mountain route and technical clothing are strongly recommended + long pants + headgear (buff® or hat) + long gloves.