MaXi-Race eco’s


Organizational costs, monney, salaries…



MaXi-Race business model




Private partnership


Public founding

Organisation cost distribution



  • Timing
  • Organization fees
  • Shuttles
  • Salaries
  • Refreshment



  • VAT


Rescue Security

  • Doctors
  • Rescue team
  • Mountain guides
  • Controllers
  • Vigils



  • Press relations
  • Journalists welcoming
  • Advertising
  • Salary


Administratif cost

  • Accounting
  • Storage hangar rental
  • Insurance


Substainable action

  • Help to the association
  • Ecological actions


MaXi-Village Creation

  • Tents rental and assembly
  • Refrigerated vehicles rental
  • Toilet rental



  • Welcom gifts
  • Finisher gifts
  • Podium gifts


Race animation

  • Live
  • Photos
  • Music

Pandemic consequences

The cancellation

Last year’s cancellation has consequences that will be lasting.
Even if we have not reimbursed the full amount of the registration of the riders who did not want a postponement, we have had to take out a loan that will have to be reimbursed over the next 6 years in order to meet the charges and expenses already incurred in 2020.

Following the 2019 edition, we wanted to dimension the event’s gauge to 7000 runners in order to conciliate the quality of the event with the financial balance.
In order to maximise the chances of organising the event in 2021, we decided to limit the event to 5,000 runners for the whole weekend. This choice has many financial repercussions, all the more so as 2500 runners registered in 2020, part of whose registration was used to cover the expenses incurred this year, have chosen to postpone the event.

runners in 2021

€ given to the associations

We have always supported the associations that are mobilised around our event.
In 2020, in spite of the cancellation, we were able to maintain our support to the associations even if it was reduced.
In 2021, following the reduction in the number of runners and the resizing of the event, we plan to redistribute €28,000 to the 15 associations mobilized, which is much less than in a normal year when this redistribution amounts to more than €40,000.

The wage bill generated by the organisation of MaXi-Race in 2021 represents the equivalent of 4 minimum wage for the year spread over 6 employees. Following the cancellation of 2020 our workforce was reduced by 30%.


All these changes and budget cuts also have a series of consequences for all the event’s suppliers and stakeholders: service providers, restaurant owners, associations, accommodation providers, etc., who are also affected by the current restrictions and who nevertheless adapt their services to the available budgets.

Further information

provisional budget

The information presented above is taken from the 2021 forecasts, which we constantly update. Given the unpredictability of the situation, it is clear that these allocations will have to change depending on the restrictions, authorisations and protocols to which we will be subject.

Since the creation of the race in 2011, the event has been organised by a non-profit organisation.
Following the evolution of the number of registrations and in order to comply with tax regulations which oblige any association organising an event generating more than 63,000€ in sales to be subject to VAT and corporate tax, a legal advisor advised us to create the company MaXi-Event’s in parallel with the association.
Nevertheless, we have kept a strong link with the local associative fabric since the event is a co-organisation between MaXi-Team, an FFA club, and the company MaXi-Event’s. The financial redistributions that we make each year also allow the associations involved in our project to continue their work.

Ceiling to be subject to VAT

€ the valorisation of our partners

Our partners are also essential to the success of the event!
We have calculated the value of all the services provided by the partnerships that are not included in the above breakdown of expenditure: finishing lots, abandoned vehicles, services provided by local authority agents, etc.