MaXi-Race eco’s


Organizational costs, monney, salaries…



MaXi-Race business model




Private partnership


Public funding

Organizational costs distribution



  • Timing
  • Organization fees
  • Shuttles
  • Salaries
  • Refreshment



  • VAT


Rescue and Sécurity

  • Doctors
  • Rescue team
  • Mountain guides
  • Controllers
  • Vigils


Sustainable actions

  • Help to the association
  • Ecological actions



  • Press relations
  • Journalists welcoming
  • Advertising
  • Salary


Village création

  • Tents rental and assembly
  • Refrigerated vehicles rental
  • Toilet rental



  • Welcom gifts
  • Finisher gifts
  • Podium gifts


Race animation

  • Race Live
  • Photos


Administrative fees

  • Accounting
  • Storage hangar rental
  • Insurance

Additional information

budget forecast

The information presented above are based on the 2020 forecasts so some informations may change in the next few monthes

At the creation of the race in 2011, the event was organised by a non profit association (under the 1901 law).
To comply with french law, and tax regulations that require any association organizing an event that generates more than €63,000 in revenue to be subject to VAT and corporate tax, a lawyer advised us to create MaXi-Event’s in parallel with the association.

max of financial revenu to be a VAT payer

€ given to local associations

Hower, we want to keep a strong link with local associations and we are trying to make this event a key moment in the local associations life. Every year we give aid to associations that are mobilized for the MaXi-Race.
In 2020 this should represent a budget of 43000€.

The salaries generated by MaXi-Race represent the equivalent of 6 SMIC per year spread over 9 employees.