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General information on training sessions

All the information about 2021 training sessions will be updated in october

Do you want to recognize the entire MaXi-Race course and/or perform a training sessions?
MaXi-Race by Trails in France training sessions are made for you!
At each session, you will benefit from 3 days of supervision by professionals to discover the lake, its mountains and some of the treasures of Haute Savoie.
In addition to recognizing the trails where the race will take place, you will learn the running techniques that will allow you to progress in trail, hill running, downhill, on rough terrain, using sticks, etc….
You will address all the issues related to preparation and performance on a long trail, training, effort management, recovery.

MaXi & XL-Race

  • 2 dates : from the 17th to 19 of april & and from the 1st to 3rd of May
  • Physical difficulty : 3/4 (More information on Trails in France Website)
  • Days details :
    • Day 1 : Annecy – Entrevernes (33kms – 2.160D+)
    • Day 2 : Lathuile – Menthon (30 kms – 1.700D+)
    • Day 3 : Menthon – Annecy (17 kms – 1.080D+)