More km for more cleanliness


The concept

Even if the event is postponed to October, let’s not stay idle on May 28th, 29th and 30th. We propose to our community (whether you are registered for the 2021 edition or not) a simple, useful and sportive action… everywhere in France or in the world!
During these 3 days, run on your usual paths or on your vacations (free distance) by taking the time to collect the garbage which are on your course and we will count at the end of the weekend the km covered
In your sneakers, your trail outfit, your equipment, a small bag to collect waste… simple, effective and united action ūüėČ

How to participate?

  • If you have a Strava account, join the MaXi-Race official club¬†and the kilometers runned this weekend will be automatically counted
  • If you don’t use this application, you can tell us how many kilometers you have runned on this form.

Where to see the results

Results will be visible on our Strava club and on our facebook page