Lake tOur in 1 day Solo :

Annecy lake tOur in solo and in 1 day
Saturday 1st June 2024


Lake tOur solo in 1 day -> New distance !

We’d like to make you aware of the historic difficulty of the tOur du lac course !

We don’t want to set a minimum entry level for this format, but please be aware that without adequate and specific training, it will be difficult to complete the tOur du Lac. This year, we’re introducing routes with bascule 1 and bascule 2 –> depending on when you cross these intersections, you’ll be redirected to “shortcuts = Bascule”. If you cross the finish line, you’ll be a “MaXi-Race finisher” with a time penalty.

Since 2021, all runners dropping out between Doussard and the finish will be classified as “MaXi-Challenger”.


Registration for Maxi race

Performance index for entry : No minimum index for entry “but experience recommended”.
Time barriers : 405 pts for the “shortcuts race” = “Bascule 1 and 2”, 455 pts for the full course
Entries : From October 15, 2023 (Please note that in 2023 this format was filled very quickly!)
Priority registration (limited places available): yes, it does exist… Participating in the Trail de Plaintel (Brittany) = reduced rate and registration from October 10 (see Plaintel mailing).
Salomon employees (reduced rate and priority via Salomon association registration)
Company group (CE) : clic here


Bib collection

  • Please bring your ID
  • Times : 10:00 am – 9:00 pm : depending on your reservation on Friday, May 31
  • Bib collection location : Maxi Village. Address : 27 avenue du petit port 74940 Annecy le Vieux sur le MaXi-Village

More finisher

*What is "BAscule" or cut system ?

  • To give you more chance of being a finisher, we’ve set up a “bascule” system. 
  • You’ve been training for months, but on the D day you’re feeling not so good… We’ve thought of you and set up “shortcuts”
  • Tracks with bascule 1 and bascule 2 -> depending on when you pass these intersections, you’ll be redirected to a new, shorter route called “bascule”. If you cross the finish line (after passing through the following time gates) you will be a “finisher” with a time penalty.


Race hours and opening of sas

Praticals informations :

  • We differentiate between waves and SAS :
    – A starting wave corresponds to a starting time.
    – For each wave, there may be 1 or 2 SAS to distribute the runners within the starting wave according to their level, and make the starts more fluid.
  • The SAS are set up automatically by our timing software, based on your performance index 1 month before the event.
  • Your race time will start when you cross the start line.
  • Time barriers are calculated on the start time of the last wave.


Timetable of starts

  • Start on MaXi Village (adress) :
  • 4:45am: Start of wave 1 – SAS elite + SAS 1 (estimated index of over 550 pts)
  • 4h55: Start wave 2 – SAS 2 + Relais R-Race (estimated index between 500 and 549 pts)
  • 5:03 am: Wave 3 start – SAS 3 (estimated index between 440 and 499 pts)
  • 5h10: Start of wave 4 – SAS 4 (estimated index below 440 pts) –> time barriers and switchover times calculated on this start.


Race profil

Drop Bag

Drop Bag (option: 5€)

You have the option of having a bag of personal belongings transported by the organization to Doussard.

If you take out this option, you will be given a specific bag when you receive your race numbers. It must be deposited (and filled in by you) on Friday when you collect your bib (depending on your reservation for bib collection) – between 10:00 and 21:00. No Drop Bag will be taken at the start on Saturday!

You’ll find your drop bag at the Doussard refreshment station (around the halfway point).
The organization will bring the drop bags back to Annecy at MaXi-Village.

You can collect them on Saturday from 3pm to 11:59pm and on Sunday from 10am to 6pm.


Mandatory equipment

  • Suitable footwear (trail shoes)
  • Survival blanket in original, uncut packaging
  • Charged cell phone with LiveRun application activated:



MaXi Race

  • Saturday 1st june at 18h30
  • 7 first Men’s and 7 first Women’s awards
  • Prize money – go page FAQ
  • Come 10 minutes before the indicate time


Lots by category

For individual races, the first men and women in each category will be rewarded. Category winners must present themselves at the MaXi-boutique, during opening hours, at the earliest 1 hour after their arrival, with proof of their ranking in order to collect their prize.


La nouvelle édition arrive !

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