From 16 to 119km in 1 or 2 days


Race Name
Elevation Drop
ITRA ranking recommended
to be in time limits
Difficulty level
Number of runners
119 km
1 day of raceUltra-Race7300m D+ et D-350 pts6,1/101000
2 days of racesXXL-Race7120m D+ et D-300 pts6,1/10150
89 km
1 day of raceMaXi-Race5400m D+ et D-400 pts6,1/101600
2 days of racesXXL-Race5020m D+ et D-300 pts5,8/10300
In Team of 2 or 4R-Race5400m D+ et D-400 pts200 team of 2
200 team of 4
42 km
Minimum ITRA rating of 450 pts to register
Start from Talloires
Marathon-Race3400m D+ et D-450 pts8,1/101000
Start from DoussardMarathon-Expérience2500m D+ et D-300 pts5,9/101000
16 km
Start friday evening from MenthonShort-Race950m D+
990m D-
250 pts5,7/10650
Only for women
Start from Menthon
Fémina-Race950m D+
990m D-
160 pts5,7/10650

Observations on the board

Recommended ITRA rating :
This rate, given for information purposes only, was used to determine time limit. These are defined so that a runner with the indicated ITRA rate is normally able to finishe the race if he runs at his level and at a constant speed.
If you have a lower ITRA rating, you can take part in the race but it is likely that you will not be fast enough to pass the checkpoints within the time limit.

Minimum ITRA rating :
There a minimum ITRA rating required to register only on the Marathon-Race. Runners with a lower ITRA rating will not be able to participate in this race but will be able to register to all other races.

Level of difficulty :
The level of difficulty is calculated by divided the ascent of the race to the distance