Saturday 30th of october




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in team

Race information

Technical information of the race

  • Number of places limited
  • Specificity of the MaXi-Night in duo
    Mutual aid between teammates is allowed (even recommended) because it is a team race, but external assistance is forbidden
    – From the beginning to the end of the race, the two runners must stay together (within sight of each other and at a maximum distance of 30 to 35 meters). If there is only one runner left, the team will be disqualified and no runner will be allowed to continue the course alone in an official setting (therefore not taking advantage of the refreshment stands, nor of the security set up for runners officially in the race).
  • Bib collection will be available on saturday on booking. More information on the dedicated page
  • Start of the race at 6:30 pm from the col de la forclaz (a little higher – 1km walk to reach the start)
  • Estimated race time :
    – arrival around 19:30 for the first ones (estimated ITRA hill of 850)
    – arrival of the last ones at the latest at 02h00 on Sunday = 10h00 of race
  • 1 refreshment station
  • Type of terrain: Trails and big tracks (some road passages).
  • No Podiums – It’s for the fun of the 1st to the last
  • Identical finisher prizes for all !!!

Information about refreshment points

You will find details of the place of the refreshment points on the board above.
To have the details of the food present at the refreshment points, we invite you to consult the dedicated page.
Please note that the refreshment points are only available for the runners and not for the accompanying persons.
On the R-Race, refreshment points are only available for the runner who have just finished his relay before he has changed his clothes. Runners starting their relay will not be allowed to access to the refreshment points.

Mandatory equipment

This mandatory equipment must be presented at the bib collection where checks will be made. No derogation will be accepted and the bib cannot be collected if the material is not presented.
For the R-Race, it is possible to present only 2 sets of mandatory equipment to collect the team's bibs.

  • Cold weather kit
    The prefecture has asked us to provide a cold weather kit whose activation will be decided at the latest 24 hours before the event depending on the weather conditions.
    This kit includes: 1 long-sleeved upper body layer like a fleece + 1 long stocking + 1 pair of long gloves + 1 head covering (buff or cap)
  • "Waterproof and breathable" jacket as Gore-Tex jacket :
    - Ultra, XXL, Maxi, XL, Marathon, R-Race, Night : mandatory
    - Femina and Short-Race: depends on the weather condition. This will be specified when you will collect your bib. However, it is mandatory to bring the jacket with you when you collect your bib because checks can be carried out.
  • Survival blanket in its original and uncut packaging.
  • Mobile phone charged
  • Water :
    - 1 litre minimum container for Ultra, XXL, XL and MaXi-Race
    - 0.75 litre container minimum for R-Race, Femina, Short and Marathon
  • Water container in addition to your water supply (reusable cup type)
  • Whistle
  • Headlamp in operation:
    - Ultra, XXL, XL, MaXi, Night, R-Race, Marathon Race and Expérience : all along the course (remember to take a second battery if necessary)
    - Femina, Marathon: not mandatory
  • Proof of a health pass valid between October 29 and 21, 2021
  • Mask
  • Personnal food and drink
  • Suitable shoes (trail shoes type).
  • Visible bib (to be placed on the front of the runner. On some races, a second microchip will be attached to the back of your backpack).
  • Poles are authorized
  • In case of bad weather, we strongly recommend that you adapt your equipment. You will run on a mountain route and technical clothing are strongly recommended + long pants + headgear (buff® or hat) + long gloves.