Saturday 30 of october
This race will bring you 4 ITRA pts



m of ascent



Detailed race informations

Bib collection

In order to collect your bib you will have to present an ID with your photo and your mandatory equipment.
In order to make the bibs collection fast, you will have time slots to collect it according to the race your participate. Details are available on the dedicated page.
Attention, because of the sanitary protocols and the obligatory control of the sanitary pass, the presence of the runner is obligatory during the withdrawal of the numbers.
For team races, all teammates must be present at the time of number collection

Saturday morning starts: Ultra, XXL J1, XL J1, MaXi, R-Race

Saturday's races will start from 12.00 am (in the night from friday to saturday)
For the Ultra, the XXL D1, the MaXi and the XL D1, the distribution within the waves will be done according to the Performance index. Once the bib numbers have been assigned, no modification can be made.
For the R-Race, all runners will start in wave number 3.

Possibility to wait on site after the withdrawal of the numbers

  • You have the possibility to reserve a meal on Friday evening, served between 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm by going to your personal space and clicking on "Edit my entry".
  • People who have reserved a meal will be able to wait in the marquee until the start of the race.
  • Please note that the marquee will only be accessible to people who have reserved a meal and no equipment will be left on site.

More information :

  • Your race time will start when you cross the start line.
  • Time barriers are calculated on the start time of the last wave.

Waves of start :

  • 12am : Wave 1 - Elite runner (runners with a performance index higher than 780) + 500runners with a performance index higher than 570pts
  • 12.10am : Wave 2 for 500 runners with a performance index between 500 and 570pts.
  • 12.20am: Wave 3 for the R-Race runners (whatever your performance index)
  • 12.30am : Wave 4 for 500 runners with a performance index between 440 and 490pts.
  • 12.40am : Wave 5 for 500 runners with a performance index less than 440pts.

To know your performance index you can consult this link

 The challengers, a new ranking on the Ultra and MaXi

As runners, we know that having an ambitious goal keeps us on course and motivated on a daily basis, but if the adventure stops prematurely, it can be very frustrating. We have therefore thought of all the traileurs for whom completing the tour of Lake Annecy in 1 day is an ambitious and motivating objective, but who hesitate because they are afraid of stopping before the end or not being able to train enough.
In 2021, all runners taking part in the MaXi or Ultra-Race and stopping in the middle of the course (Doussard or Giez) will still be rewarded for their efforts!
Indeed, you will be classified on a specific format, the "Challenger" format, which will allow you to see all your efforts rewarded.
With this new challenge, your initial goal may not be totally successful, but your weekend and training sessions will still have been beneficial!

Practical details :

  • Ultra Challenger :
    Annecy / Giez (course of the XXL-J1)
    70km & 4380m D+
  • MaXi Challenger :
    Annecy / Doussard (course of the XL-J1)
    44km & 2500m D+

Information about the assistance areas

The assistance areas are the only places where an accompanying person can come to refuel and help a runner. They are located near the refreshement points. Except these specific places indicated above, any other assistance is prohibited even between runners.
In these areas, you can pick and drop anything you want between the green panel (zone entry) and the red panel (zone exit). When you leave this zone, remember to leave with all the mandatory equipment.
The accompanying persons who make the assistance will not be authorized to "enter" the "covered" area used for the runners refreshment points. This rule applies to all the runners, including elite runners.
The accompanying persons must be masked

Information about refreshment points

You will find details of the place of the refreshment points on the board above.
To have the details of the food present at the refreshment points, we invite you to consult the dedicated page.
Please note that the refreshment points are only available for the runners and not for the accompanying persons.
On the R-Race, refreshment points are only available for the runner who have just finished his relay before he has changed his clothes. Runners starting their relay will not be allowed to access to the refreshment points.

Drop bag and luggage locker

On this race there is no drop bag or luggage locker

Information about of the switchover on the night route

For races whose arrival can be done at night (Ultra-Race, MaXi-Race, R-Race, Marathon expérience) a switchover will be made at nightfall to the platform of the old cable car (the km and the exact time is indicated on the table at the top of the page).
In order to guarantee the safety of the runners, you will be switched to a less technical route. You will still be considered as a finisher but a time adjustment of a few minutes will be made on your arrival time to ensure sporting fairness.

Mandatory equipment

This mandatory equipment must be presented at the bib collection where checks will be made. No derogation will be accepted and the bib cannot be collected if the material is not presented.
For the R-Race, it is possible to present only 2 sets of mandatory equipment to collect the team's bibs.

  • Cold weather kit
    The prefecture has asked us to provide a cold weather kit whose activation will be decided at the latest 24 hours before the event depending on the weather conditions.
    This kit includes: 1 long-sleeved upper body layer like a fleece + 1 long stocking + 1 pair of long gloves + 1 head covering (buff or cap)
  • "Waterproof and breathable" jacket as Gore-Tex jacket :
    - Ultra, XXL, Maxi, XL, Marathon, R-Race, Night : mandatory
    - Femina and Short-Race: depends on the weather condition. This will be specified when you will collect your bib. However, it is mandatory to bring the jacket with you when you collect your bib because checks can be carried out.
  • Survival blanket in its original and uncut packaging.
  • Mobile phone charged
  • Water :
    - 1 litre minimum container for Ultra, XXL, XL and MaXi-Race
    - 0.75 litre container minimum for R-Race, Femina, Short and Marathon
  • Water container in addition to your water supply (reusable cup type)
  • Whistle
  • Headlamp in operation:
    - Ultra, XXL, XL, MaXi, Night, R-Race, Marathon Race and Expérience : all along the course (remember to take a second battery if necessary)
    - Femina, Marathon: not mandatory
  • Proof of a health pass valid between October 29 and 21, 2021
  • Mask
  • Personnal food and drink
  • Suitable shoes (trail shoes type).
  • Visible bib (to be placed on the front of the runner. On some races, a second microchip will be attached to the back of your backpack).
  • Poles are authorized
  • In case of bad weather, we strongly recommend that you adapt your equipment. You will run on a mountain route and technical clothing are strongly recommended + long pants + headgear (buff® or hat) + long gloves.