XXL-Race in 2 days

Information will be updated in september
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The XXL-Race is the perfect way to run the full tour of the lake over two days and allows you to make the most of the beautiful setting of the Ultra-Race.

Technical data

  • 116km in 2 days – 7200m climb and descent
  • Day 1 : 75 km
  • Day 2 : 40 km
  • Reference Times :
    • Men: Yannick HEUSEY (Team Compressport / Scarpa) en 14h06 (9h05+5h01)
    • Women: Valérie COTTENS (Team Suchet – Perraudin Sports) en  19h10 (12h11+6h58)
  • The XXL-Race is open to all men and ladies over 20 years (born in 2000 or before). No membership to an association is required. A medical certificate is compulsory.
  • This race will bring you 5 ITRA points (UTMB)


Important addresses

Important adresses will be confirmed in september
Bibs will be collected at MaXi-village: Plage D’Albigny, 6 Avenue du Petit Port, 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux.
Departure day 1: Departure from MaXi-village to Doussard gymnasium (681-859 Route du Pont Monnet, 74210 Doussard)
Departure Day 2: Departure from the Doussard gymnasium (Route du Pont Monnet, 74210 Doussard) to reach the MaXi-village

Summary of the shuttles:

  • Saturday, May 30:
    • Shuttles from the Doussard gymnasium between 10.00am and 06.00pm to reach the start once the race is over.
  • Sunday, May 31:
    • Departure from February: Meeting next to the Mc Donald in the public car park, route d’Albertville, 74320 February .
    • Departure from Annecy le Vieux: Meeting point : 5 avenue de Montfleury 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux. Date at 03:55 am

Important dates

  • Wednesday 1st of april: deadline for submitting your medical certificate (signed and stamped) or FFA (or FFTRI) membership in your account.
  • Friday 30 May from 12.30pm to 06.30pm: Bib number and welcome pack collection in Annecy-le-Vieux. Don’t forget your proof of ID (ID card/passport or membership photo card) and your bag containing the compulsory equipment.
  • Sunday 31 May 3pm : Podium
  • More informations on the start time are avalaible in the race description
  • NO bib collection on saturday morning

Layout of the race

Layout of the race will be confirmed in september
Day 1 Saturday 30 May:

  • Start time: 
    • Wednesday 29 May
      • 11.30pm: entry and starting line
      • 11.45pm: Briefing
    • Saturday 30 May
      • 12.00am : Start
  • Assistance zones
    km18 : Semnoz Summit
    Except at this point external help is forbidden. For example, you cannot have a “water carrier” running with you, even if they have their own bib number.
  • Refreshment points
    Bring enough food and water to get you from one point to the next in any weather conditions (extreme heat, cold, etc.).
    • Rav 1 : km 18  Semnoz Summit
    • Water point : km 37  Les Maisons
    • Light Rav 1 : km 51,5  Parc des Bauges
    • Rav 2 : 75,5km  Giez
  • Time limits
    • Start: MaXi-village = 12.00am
    • Km 7,5 : Crossing of Semnoz Road= 02.00am
    • Km 18 : Semnoz Summit (Rav 1) = 04.30am
    • Km 37 : “ Les maisons” water point = 08.30am
    • km 45 : End of the road = 11.00am
    • Km 51.5 : light Rav 1 : Parc des Bauges “Le Reposoir” = 12.45pm
    • Km 66,5 : “Combe d’Ire” = 03.45pm
    • Km 75,5 : Giez (Rav 2) = 06.30pm
  • Arrival times
    • 1st men between 08.40am and 09.30am
    • 1st ladies between 10.00am and 10.30am
    • Middle of the pack 02.00pm
    • Last finisher: 06.00pm
  • Shuttle
    You will have free buses to join Doussard or Annecy since Giez
  • Drop Bag
    f you want to find a bag at the refreshement point N°2 (Giez) you have to use the drop bag given by the organisation when you collect your bib.
    You have to leave this bag friday between 12.30am and 08.00pm at the MaXi-Village. No bag will be collected on saturday morning

Day 2 Sunday 31 May

  • Start time : 5.30am : Start from Doussar
  • Assistance zones
    There is no assistance zone for day 2
  • Refreshments:
  • Time limits:
    • km 34 : Pré Vernet = 03.20pm
  • Arrival times:
    • 1st men between 8.30am
    • 1st ladies between 930am and 10.10am
    • Middle of the pack at 11am
    • Last : 05.00pm (last finisher’s time in 2015)
      On arrival, pick up your FINISHER’s gift: a high-quality Salomon technical garment!

Useful info about assistance:

  • In these assistance zones, you will be able to pick up and drop off anything you want between the green sign (entrance) and the red sign (exit). On exit, make sure you are still carrying all the compulsory equipment ;o)
    No runner’s assistants will be allowed in the enclosed zones (gymnasium or marquee). This rule applies to everyone, including the elite runners. Any assistance must therefore take place before or after these zones, between the green sign (start of zone) and the red sign (end of zone).


Transport informations will be confirmed in september
Since the start and finish lines for this race are in different places, there will be buses providing transport (10€ extra cost for each transport).

  • Saturday 30 May:
    • Free buses are organised to bring you back from Giez to Doussard and Annecy
  • Sunday 31 May :  Buses are in extra charge
    There is two different start point :
    • The first one is located at Annecy Le Vieux near of the finish line. Meeting point : 5 avenue de Montfleury 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux. Date at 03:55 am
    • The second one is located at Sevrier. Meeting near of Mc Donald. Meeting point : route d’Albertville, 74320 Sévrier . Meeting at 4am

Saturday to Sunday Bivouac


Bivouac/Meal/Breakfeast : 16.00 €

Bivouac places

Bivouac is organised at Doussard Gymnasium, Saturday finish line and Sunday start line.

Bivouac Organisation

  • You have to bring your own furnitures, nothing is supplied (To have information about what we can bring to you on Doussard Gymnasium, please read “Lugage Service”paragraph)
  • Shower are avalaible.
  • 100 persons MaXimum
  • It is a collective bivouac, some noise is possible
  • We turn off the light on saturday at 9.30pm
  • Wake up on sunday at 3.30am
    Information : You will sleep in the same room where the refreshment point is organised. Last runner is expected at 8pm, after nobody will be there.


  • Saturday 07.30pm : Meal
  • Sunday 04.00am : Breakfast (Coffee, chocolate, tea, bread, jeam, cereals, fruit juice, etc…).
  • Refreshment point is also avalaible.


Drop Bag Day 1

If you want to find a bag at the refreshement point N°2 (Giez) you have to use the drop bag given by the organisation when you collect your bib.
You have to give this bag to the organisation on friday not at the beginning of the race

Baggage Service

The runners who have choosen “bivouac option” can drop off a bag on the morning of each stage which will be returned to in the arrival zone.You will be told the precise location of these bag drops at bib number distribution.
In order for things to run smoothly, please respect the following points :

  • 1 bag only per runner, max weight 15kg, max size 90 litres
  • The bag must be labelled with your bib number (you will receive your number end of April)
  • Please ensure this label (laminated paper/ paper in a ziploc/ packing tape) is at least 5x20cm and the writing LARGE.

Think of your sleeping bag

Compulsory equipment:

Please note: The runner must show the compulsory equipment at bib number distribution, so it is not possible for someone to go in their place.

  • “Waterproof, breathable” Gore-Tex style jacket
  • Emergency blanket in its original packaging and not cut up ;o).
  • Fully charged mobile phone
  • Water container max 1 litre (there will be long sections without water, so be aware of your own needs). You alone are responsible for managing your water!
  • There will be no cups available at the refreshment points or at the finish line, so bring a reusable cup or similar in addition to your water pack. No cup means no drinks!
  • Whistle
  • Day 1 : Head torch for the whole course, even if you are at the front of the pack. Bring spare batteries if your model requires it. If your head torch doesn’t work, you will be removed from the race.
  • Food: there will only be 3 full and 2 very light refreshment points. Be sure to have enough to keep you going between these points.
  • Suitable shoes (trail running shoes)
  • The race bib must be visible and worn on the front (no complaints will be heard if we are unable to place you for this reason). You’ll be given a second electronic chip to attach to the rear of your backpack.
  • Poles are allowed
  • In case of bad weather, we strongly recommend you choose your equipment accordingly. Conditions in the mountains can change rapidly. We strongly recommend technical clothing, long trousers, a hat or buff® to cover your head, long gloves.

Official partners


Price for the XXL-Race :
Prices will be confirmed in september

“I’m an elite runner and wish to be invited”
Sorry but there si no invitation for this race

Important Adresses

  • Bib collection at the MaXi-village : Plage D’Albigny, Avenue du Petit Port, 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux.
  • Start day 1 : Start from the MaXi-village to reach Doussard Gymnasium (681-859 Route du Pont Monnet, 74210 Doussard )
  • Start day 2 : Start from Doussard gymnasium to join the MaXi-village

Transport :

  • Saturday 26 May: buses will bring you back from Giez to Doussard and Annecy
  • Sunday 27 May : There is two different start point :
    • The first one is located at Annecy Le Vieux near of the finish line. Meeting point : Carrefour Market car park. 33 Rue des Mouettes, 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux.
    • The second one is located at Sevrier. Meeting near of Mac Donald. Meeting point : route d’Albertville, 74320 Sévrier .