News 2021 :

You no longer have the possibility to modify your registration or to register
Access to your personal space is still possible so that you can know the options taken during your registration and possibly modify the contact information if necessary.

Number of people registered for the event

We have decided in 2021, to limit the Greenweez MaXi-Race to 5000 runners (instead of the 10 000 registered in 2019) over the weekend with a maximum of 3000 runners running per day. Because of this double limitation (per day and over the weekend), a race that is not complete may be closed if one of the two quotas is reached.
These figures can be modified according to the evolution of the health protocols, a waiting list will be set up when a race is full.

How to register?

Buy of bibs between runners for the other races:

  • Following the postponement of the event in October, it is not planned to reopen registrations in the immediately.
  • On the other hand, you have the possibility to buy a bib from a runner already registered until the 4th of october and 2 solutions are proposed to you:
    - You can buy a bib via the swika platform which is in charge of the connection between buyer and seller as well as the secure payment
    - You can also buy a number directly from an already registered runner A facebook group has been created to put in relation buyer and seller
    - The conditions and modalities to buy a bib are detailed in the section "Information on the resale of bibs" of this page

Normal procedure to register ?

Please note this procedure is not available are registration are closed

  • Please take your credit card (no payment by cheque) and your phone
  • Go to the registration site whose link is located at the bottom of the registration page
  • Click on the race of your choice
  • If the race appears in gray, it means that the registrations are complete or that the race is not yet open
  • Fill in the requested information
  • At the time of payment, the bank (Crédit Mutuel) may carry out a verification that will send a code to the phone that is connected to your CB.
  • No registration can be taken into account without payment. If you do not pay for your order, the information entered will be saved but your place will not be reserved.

R-Race and MaXi-Night specificity

Registration for the R-Race is done by a team captain who can then manage the names of the other runners
To register for the R-Race, it is not mandatory to provide full contact information for all runners. The captain may complete his team's information or make a change of runners up to 15 days before the race date.
If a team captain can no longer participate in the race, we invite you to send us an email indicating the name of the new team captain so that the organization can make the change.

Proof of ability

To take part in the race, it is mandatory to provide a proof of ability that we advise you to download as soon as you register.
Otherwise you can do it until the 4th of october  by visiting your personal space.
Please note that no proof can be presented when you pick up your bibs or after this date, if you do not present a valid proof before this date, you will not be able to take part in the race, nor obtain a refund of your registration.

Proof of ability asked by the FFA and sample of certificate

The French Athletics Federation, which is the delegate federation of the Trail-running in France, requires the participant to present to the race organiser :

  • a French competition licence issued by the FFA
  • or a medical certificate less than one year old at the date of the race and written in French.
    We recommend that you upload our sample certificate and have it signed by your doctor

Registration practicle information

Elite runners bibs

Elite bibs are accessible within the limit of the quantities reserved for female runners with an ITRA ranking of 700 and over and male runners with an ITRA ranking of 820 and over.
Following the reduction of the number of runners on the races, the number of elite bibs is limited. If you meet the criteria and if you want an elite bib, we invite you to make a request by email to

Funds paid to associations

Each year MaXi-Race donates between 1 and 3 € to associations.
We have chosen to indicate this option separately and set the minimum contribution at €1, but you can indicate more if you wish.
This contribution makes it possible to support many local associations: REVA, Ecole des Filles, sports clubs (ASPTT Annecy, Club nature de Chambéry...)

How to know if my registration is ok?

Once your registration has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email with an individual access code to allow you to modify or complete your registration file and in particular to add your proof of aptitude if you did not do so during registration.
If you do not receive emails within 24 hours of registration, please check your spam and contact us if necessary.

Bib number and starting lines

The allocation of your bib number will be made in May when registrations are closed. You can see it on your personal space.
Your number will be automatically established according to your performance index and will determine your starting line.
In the event of an error when entering your name or date of birth, you will not be recognized. So you will be in the last starting line.
Once the bib number has been assigned, it will no longer be possible to make any changes.

Change of race once you have registered

It is possible to change the race format once you have registered under the following conditions:

  • The race you want to be switched to must not be complete
  • If you choose a race with a higher price, we will ask you to pay the difference by bank transfer
  • If you choose a racer with a lower price, we will not refund the difference.

For any such request, we invite you to send an email to indicating your file number and the race you wish to be switched to

Impossibility to run once registered

All registered persons have the possibility to transfer their bib to the person of their choice until the 4th of october.
When you register, you also have the possibility to subscribe to a cancellation insurance.

For more information as well as the procedure to follow according to your situation, we invite you to consult the page dedicated to this case.

Cancellation of the race by the organization and reimbursement of the runners :

  • The event will take place the 30 and 31 of october 2021
    If the event cannot take place in 2021 (even at the end of october),
    - the organizer commits to reimburse the totality of the registration fees (excluding payment fees)* up to 30 days before the event (at the 30 of september).
    - After this date, the organizer commits to refund 80% of the registration fees* and to offer a 30% discount in year N+1.
    *People who have bought a bib from a competitor who has already registered as part of a bib exchange will not be reimbursed because the payment of the registration is not made via the module and does not go through the organization.

What to do if you can't be present at the postponement date :

  • All runners have the possibility to transfer their bib at no cost (excluding fees for unlicensed runners and assistance to associations) to the person of their choice up to 20 days before the event by going to their personal space.
    Important information :
    - All the information are avalaible on the dedicated page
    - You can consult the online help for the bib transfer
    - If the bib transfer takes place between 45 and 20 days before the event, the assignment of bib numbers and starting SAS numbers cannot be re-actualized. The new runner will start in the SAS corresponding to the ITRA hill of the former runner.
  • If you took the Cancellation Insurance when you registered in 2021, please consul the specific email we have sent.

2021 Cancellation insurance

Important information

  • Cancellation insurance can only be taken out at the time of registration.
  • Cancellation insurance is a service external to the event organization.
  • The cost of this insurance is 11.5% of the amount of your registration (excluding options).
  • This insurance only covers the registration fee for the race and not the options.
    Following changes made by our cancellation insurance provider, the amount refunded will be different depending on the date of registration:
    - For runners registered between 1st November and 31st December 2020, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded (excluding options). Details of guarantees and conditions are available here
    - For runners registered from 1st January 2021, 80% of the registration fee (excluding options) will be reimbursed. Details of guarantees and conditions are available here
  • This insurance does not allow for a refund for any reason that could be considered related to the Covid 19 pandemic. In this case, our general conditions apply (see details in the section "Cancellation of the race by the organizer and reimbursement of the runners".

How do you play this insurance?

You can ask for a refund without any proof up to 72 hours before the date of the event.
When you subscribe to this insurance, you will receive a specific email that will tell you how to request a refund.

Important reminders

For the benefit of all participants and to ensure you make the most of this event, we would like to remind you of a few points.
It is forbidden:

  • to run with an animal
  • Animal are forbidden in the ravito area and at the MaXi-Village
  • to smoke during the race, in the refreshment zones or in the MaXi-Village
  • for a friend to run alongside you to carry your water. You may run with others, but not with the express purpose of carrying food or water for them.
  • to be pushed or pulled by another runner or assistant
  • to receive outside refreshments along the course. You may only receive refreshments in the designated zones
  • To come into the Bib collection area with accompanying people.
    In order to make th bib collection faster, accompanying people will have to wit on the family zone. Strollers and children are not recommanded


You read everything that was on top? Well done;)
Registration are closed but you have the possibility to buy a bib from a runner who has already registered until the 4th of october, you can consult the dedicated page on our website to get all the information.