Important information about registration

Information about Registration

MaXi-O and Semi-O are always open, all the races are full and registration are closed

Starting list are now ready, so it is not possible to add option or to make change now
You can add option and modify your personnel information until the 15th of april on your personnal area
For some races wich are full, you can sell and buy bibs between runners until the 15th of april on swika website

New 2019 options

MaXi-Race Cap pre-reservation

You can buy your MaXi-Race cap with a discount (price 15€)
You will get it with your bib

Race picture pre-reservation

If you buy your picture pack in advance, you will have the opportunity to have your race picture during the race in your personnal area. Your family and your friend will be abble to follow you during your race.
The number of picture will be different depending the race. For the Ultra-Race, you will have minimum 6 photos.

If you don’t want to pre-book your pictures, you will have the opportunity to buy them after the race but you will not have the discount.
Prices are mentionned in each race page

Information about he number of photo depending of the race :

  • Ultra and XXL → 6 to 9 photos
  • MaXi, Relais, XXL → 4 to 6 photos
  • Marathon → 3 to 4 photos
  • Short-Race et Fémina-Race → 2 to 3 photos
Documents to prepare (if possible) for online registration start

Before you start, be sure to have a scanned copy of your FFA membership or your medical certificate, SIGNED and STAMPED by your doctor if you have one.
This certificate must state, “fit for competition-level running”, and MUST BE DATED LESS THAN 1 YEAR BEFORE THE DAY OF THE RACE (no certificates from before 24/05/2018).
You can download a template specifically for the Maxi-Race: English certificate which must be signed and stamped by your doctor.
Please note, we do not accept documents by post, you must upload the certificate in your online account.

How do I register?

  • Have your bank card ready.
  • Some bank will make aditional security check by sanding you an SMS on your phone. Take your phone with you.
  • Prepare and scan your registration documents if you have them.
  • Go to our registration page (link below), fill in your personal details and choose your race.

How can I check if my registration has worked?

  • Once you have completed registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing your unique access code, which will allow you to modify or complete your registration file.
  • You will receive a TEMPORARY n° upon registration if you do not upload your certificate or your licence immediately. You can upload your certificate to your registration file at a later date (up to 31/03/2018 at the latest). Once you have done this, your registration will either be validated (certificate OK) or cancelled (invalid certificate).

How do I find out my bib number?

Bib numbers will be allocated at the end of April. From 24 April 2018, it will no longer be possible to change race or runner’s name.
Your number will be attributed according to your international ITRA ranking (the lowest bib number goes to the highest ranking participant in April, the highest bib number goes to the lowest ranking (or non-ranking participant in April).
This means you can tell who is at a similar level to you and (if you wish) set yourself the challenge of overtaking lower bib numbers so as to go up in the international rankings.
And also to go to the correct place at the start line according to your number! The lower your number, the closer you will be to the front. So, please check that your name is correctly spelled whether it is referenced with the international organisations (this should happen automatically once you have entered one trail race, but it is always best to check).
Click here to see your current ITRA ranking.

I have register and I am not longer able to race

  • Cancelation insurance : Ultra-Race, XXL-Race, Maxi-Race and XL-Race
    We propose a cancelation insurance that you can purchased when you register for the race (see the relevant page click here)
    No refunds will be issued if you have not purchased the cancellation insurance
    The cancellation insurance is only valid if you have a relevant medial certificate or written notice from your employer stating that you have to work abroad for several days (see details on the relevant page).
    – Swika propose to sell and buy bibs until the 20 of april for this 4 races when they are full (If a race is not full until the 1st of april, it will not be possible de buy or sell bibs on plan D). It’s not possible to sell ou buy bibs anymore on Swika
  • Bibs exchange : MaXi-Race, Marathon Race, Fémina Race, Short-Race
    Swika propose to sell and buy bibs until the 15th of april for this 4 races when they are full
    (If a race is not full until the 1st of april, it will not be possible de buy or sell bibs on Swika).
  • R-Race (2 ou 4 team)
    You’re a relay team (team race) and wish to change one of our team members. What should we do?
    You can do this directly in your captain’s personal file until the 15th of april
Donations to charity
Every year, Maxi-Race donates €1to charity.  You have the possibility to give more if you want.
In 2018, we will divide the donations between “RVA – Ecoles des Filles” and a local running association

Important reminders

For the benefit of all participants and to ensure you make the most of this event, we would like to remind you of a few points.
It is forbidden:

  • to run with an animal
  • In the open ravito areas, animal are forbidden.
  • to smoke during the race and in the refreshment zones ( arrival refreshment zone included).
  • for a friend to run alongside you to carry your water (even if they have their own bib number). You may run with others, but not with the express purpose of carrying food for them.
  • to be pushed or pulled by another runner or assistant!
  • to receive outside refreshments along the course. You may only receive refreshments in the designated zones: full
  • refreshment zones marked by green (entrance) and red (exit) signs at the summit of Semnoz, at Doussard and at Menthon St Bernard.
  • To come into the Bib collection area with accompanying people. In order to make th bib collection faster, accompanying people will have to wit on the family zone. Strollers and children are not recommanded

In 2014 around 40 runners were penalised for this, please ensure this does not need to be the case again in 2018.

Have you read all of the above? Congratulations!
The link to register will be online here the 15th of November