MaXi-Event’s with the collaboration of the association MaXi-Team (association law 1901 registered in the official journal and member of the FFA under number 074469), organizes Le Trail du Lac d’Annecy

ARTICLE 1 – Acceptance of the rules

Registration for the race and/or participation (wearing a bib) in one of the races of the Trail du Lac d’Annecy, MaXi-Race, implies the reading and automatic acceptance by each competitor of the rules.
The runner undertakes to respect all the regulations and in particular not to anticipate the start, to cover the full distance before crossing the finish line.
The organization may make changes to these rules at any time.

ARTICLE 2 – Events

The Trail du Lac d’Annecy is an event in which several outdoor events are offered, using 90% of the long-distance trails of the TLA. Each test takes place, at free pace, in a limited time.
The orientation formats (MaXi and Semi-Orientations) are races organized and managed independently by the Annecy Sport Orientation association.
The Mini-races are animations intended for children and are not the subject of a classification.

The MaXi-Race allows you to live your adventure around the lake with formats adapted to your desires and objectives:

Around Lake Annecy:
– In 1 day: The MaXi-Race 87km and 4900mD+
– In 2 days: The XL-Race 89km and 4900mD+
– As a team: The R-Race SEPas impossible 87km and 4900mD+

The U-turn: The Marathon-Experience 45km and 2400mD+

The secret race: The Marathon-Race 40km and 3300m

The quarter turn: 16km and 1000m D+
– 100% women: La Fémina-Race
– For all: The Short-Race

Team orientation races organized by ASO: MaXi and Semi Orientation

Children’s races: Between 50 and 800m: Mini-Race

The U18 WMRA World Cup (only on national selections) and the open race: 4.6 km and 230 D+

ARTICLE 3 – “Equity” Commission

The “equity” commission will have full power to enforce the rules (penalty, disqualification, etc.)
In the event of proven cheating, the commission may, on simple “observation” (without needing to provide proof), disqualify the competitor or award him a directly applicable penalty or by subsequent decision.
The main target will be wild refueling and the non-possession of the compulsory equipment, but it may intervene on any point of the regulations.
It is understood that the members of the commission have no obligation to wear a specific visual.
If a runner or spectator witnesses an explicit and non-disputable act of cheating (several witnesses, photo, video, etc.), he will be able to file a complaint with the race management up to 2 hours after the competitor’s arrival. of the race in question.
— A deposit check of 50 euros will then be requested but it will be returned in the event of a penalty decision —

ARTICLE 4 – Conditions of participation

To participate in the race, it is necessary:

To be registered on a regular basis and to have a complete file (including in particular a valid proof of aptitude) before May 01, 2023
To reserve your bib collection slot on your personal space before May 15, 2023
Come and pick up your bib in person with all the supporting documents requested (copy of an identity document + mandatory equipment + valid health pass) in the reserved slot
To respect the health protocol that will be in place during the event. As this protocol evolves regularly, specific communication will be made to registered runners no later than 1 week before the event.
To be fully aware of the length and specificity of the event (mountain trail) and to be perfectly trained for it
To have acquired, prior to the race, a real capacity for personal autonomy to manage the problems induced by this type of event, and in particular:
Know how to face, without outside help, climatic conditions that can be very difficult due to the altitude (night, wind, cold, rain or snow)
Know how to manage physical or mental problems resulting from great fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, minor injuries, etc.
To be fully aware that the main role of the organization is not to help a runner to manage these problems
To be fully aware that for such an outdoor activity, safety depends on the runner’s ability to adapt to the problems encountered or foreseeable.
To respect, for participants in the Semi or MaXi-Orientation, the specific rules and protocols decided by the Annecy Sport Orientation association, organizer of these 2 race formats


The MaXi-Race, XL-Race, Marathon-Experience are open to all people, men or women, over 20 years old (Hope and over categories), with or without a license (Medical certificate required).

The Marathon-Race is open to all people, men or women, over 20 years old (Hope categories and over), licensed or not (Medical certificate required) and with a minimum performance index of 450pt when registering.

The Short-Race, the Fémina-Race is open to all people, men or women, over 18 years old (junior categories and over), with or without a license (Medical certificate required)

The R-Race is open to all people with or without a license (Medical certificate required). Relay numbers 1, 2 and 3 of the R-Race are open to everyone over 20 (Espoir category and over), relay number 4 being open to everyone over 18 (Junior and over category). more).
Any team including a junior must notify it by email as soon as it registers this information to the organizing team who will be able to carry out checks during the event.

The Open U18 race is open to all people, men or women, aged 16 to 17 (U18CA categories), licensed or not (Medical certificate required).

The U18 WMRA World Cup race is open to all people, men or women, aged 16 to 17 (U18CA categories), only on national selections

Proof of aptitude

As requested in the 2023 running event regulations, any participation in a competition affiliated with the FFA is subject to the mandatory presentation by the participants to the organizer:

An Athlé Compétition, Athlé Entreprise, Athlé Running license issued by the FFA, or a “Pass’ J’aime Courir” issued by the FFA and completed by the doctor, valid on the date of the event. (Warning: other licenses issued by the FFA, in particular Leisure, Health, Supervision and Discovery, are not accepted as proof of aptitude)

or a sports license, valid on the date of the event, on which must appear, by any means, the non-contradiction to the practice of sport in competition, Athletics in competition or racing on foot in competition and issued by one of the following federations:
– Federation of defense clubs (FCD),
– French Federation of Adapted Sport (FFSA),
– French Handisport Federation (FFH),
– National Police Sports Federation (FSPN),
– Sports Federation of ASPTT,
– Sports and Cultural Federation of France (FSCF),
– Sports and Gymnastics Federation of Labor (FSGT),
– French Union of Secular Works of Physical Education (UFOLEP);

or a medical certificate of absence of contraindication to the practice of sport in competition or athletics in competition or running in competition, dated less than one year from the date of the competition, or of its copy.

This certificate must be written in French, dated, signed and must allow the authentication of the doctor.
Foreign licenses are not accepted. Foreign participants are required to provide a medical certificate respecting the rules specified above, even if they hold a competition license issued by a federation affiliated to World Athletics.

To be accepted, the certificate must meet a number of conditions:

For runners over 18:

To be accepted, the certificate must meet a number of conditions:
It must be dated less than one year from the date of the event
It must be signed by your doctor and allow its identification
It must mention the following statement: “no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition or athletics in competition or running in competition”
If the mention competition is not present, we will not be able to validate your certificate
It must be in French
If needed, you can download a sample certificate template.

For riders under 18:

To be accepted, the certificate must meet a number of conditions:
It must be dated less than 6 months from the date of the event
It must be signed by your doctor and allow its identification
It must mention the following statement: “no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition or athletics in competition or running in competition”
If the mention competition is not present, we will not be able to validate your certificate
It must be in French
Parental authorization must be attached to the medical certificate
If needed, you can download a sample certificate template.
If needed, you can download a parental permission template

In order to take part in the race, it is mandatory to provide proof of aptitude which we advise you to download as soon as you register.
Failing this, you can do so up to one month before the event: no later than April 28, by going to your personal space. Please note that no proof can be presented when collecting bibs or after this date, if you do not present valid proof before this date, you will not be able to take part in the race, nor obtain a refund of your registration.

Practical information registration

Registration for one of the following races: MaXi-Race, XL-Race, Marathon-Race, Marathon-Experience, is open to anyone born before December 31, 2003 (Espoir category and above).

Registration for one of the following races: Short-Race, Fémina-Race is open to all persons born before December 31, 2005 (Junior category and above)

Registration for relay numbers 1, 2 and 3 of the R-Race is open to all people born before December 31, 2003 (Espoir category and above), registration for relay number 4 is open to all people born before December 31, 2005 (Junior category and above).
Any team including a junior must notify by email as soon as it registers this information to the organizing team who will be able to carry out checks during the event.

Registration for the following race: Open-Race is open to all people born in 2006 and 2007 (U18CA category)

Allocation of elite bibs
Elite bibs are available for the MaXi-Race, the Marathon-Race and the Short-Race within the limits of the quantities reserved for runners with a performance index:

Women: more than 700 performance index
Men: over 820 performance index

Following the reduction in the number of runners in the races, the number of elite bibs is limited, if you meet the criteria and if you want an elite bib, we invite you to send a request by email to

Prize money MaXi-Race –

1st Man/Woman: $5000 + €1500
2nd Male/Female: $1500 + €1000
3rd Male/Female: $1000 + €500
then for others:
€200* for runners completing less than 10h20 of racing for men and 12h20 for women
*within the limit of the first 14 men and the first 14 women in the ranking.

– Prize money Marathon -Race / surprise race –

1st Man/Woman: $5000
2nd Male/Female: $1500
3rd Male/Female: $1000

Each year the MaXi-Race donates between €1.5 and €3 to associations.

We have chosen to indicate this option separately and set the minimum contribution at 1.5€, but you can indicate more if you wish.
This contribution makes it possible to support numerous associations in the Annecy basin: REVA, Ecole des Filles, sports clubs (ASPTT Annecy, DSN74, Club nature de Chambéry, etc.)

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with an individual access code which will allow you to modify or complete your registration file and in particular add your proof of aptitude if you have not done so during the registration process. ‘registration.
If you do not receive any emails within 24 hours of registering, remember to check your spam and contact us if necessary.

The allocation of your bib number will be carried out approximately 1 month days before the event when registrations will be closed. You will be able to see it on your personal space.

Your number will be established automatically according to your performance index and will determine your starting wave and/or SAS.
If you make a mistake when entering your name or your date of birth, you will not be recognized. You will therefore leave in the last SAS.
Once the number has been assigned, it will no longer be possible to make any changes.

Practical information on the SAS and starting waves:

We differentiate the waves and the starting SAS:
– A start wave corresponds to a start time
– For each wave, there can be 1 or 2 SAS in order to distribute the runners within the starting wave according to their level and to make the starts more fluid.

The SAS are automatically constituted by our timing software 1 month before the date of the event based on the performance index that you will have at that time.

Your race time will begin when you cross the start line.
Time barriers are calculated on the departure time of the last wave.
Non-compliance with the SAS and / or wave of departure training sanctions and in particular disqualification as indicated in the regulations

It is possible to change the race format once you have registered under the following conditions:

The race you want to be switched to must not be full
If you choose a race with a higher price, we will ask you to pay the difference by bank transfer
If you choose a race with a lower price, we will not refund the difference
For any request of this type, we invite you to send an email to indicating your first and last name as well as the race on which you wish to be switched.

ARTICLE 5 – Security and Medical Assistance

First aid stations (doctors, ambulances, first aiders) are located at various points along the route. These positions are in radio or telephone connection with the race headquarters.

First aid stations are intended to assist anyone in danger with the means specific to the organization or approved (depending on the seriousness, the request for intervention by the public services is not excluded)

It is up to a runner in difficulty or seriously injured to call for help:
– by going to an aid station
– by calling the PC race (phone number written on the bib)
– by asking another runner to call the emergency services
– If it is impossible to reach the race PC or controller, you can call the emergency organizations directly and only in the event of a vital emergency. (112 from France)

It is up to each runner to provide assistance to any person in danger and to notify the emergency services.

Don’t forget that hazards of all kinds, related to the environment and the race, can make you wait longer than expected for help (between 5 and 25 minutes in normal times – which can go up to 40 minutes in some cases depending on the FFA recommendations). Your safety will then depend on the quality of the equipment you have put in your bag.

A runner who calls on a doctor or a first aider submits himself to his authority and undertakes to accept his decisions.

The rescuers, official doctors and the race management are in particular empowered:
– to disqualify (by invalidating the bib) any competitor “deemed” unfit to continue the event
– to evacuate by any means at their convenience the riders they deem to be in danger.

If necessary, for reasons that are always in the interest of the rescued person, official mountain rescue will be called in, who will then take charge of the operations and implement all appropriate means, including including helicopters. The costs resulting from the use of these exceptional means will be borne by the rescued person who will also have to ensure his return from the point where he will have been evacuated. It is the sole responsibility of the runner to compile and present a file to his personal insurance within the time limit.


The organization has decided to set up an internal health prevention action. This action is neither intended nor competent to replace the national and/or international regulations in force in the fight against doping but aims to strengthen the medical surveillance desired by the organization. This action is piloted by a Medical Council, composed solely of doctors, who can seek advice from the experts of their choice and are responsible for giving an advisory opinion to the Race Jury on the medical condition of the participants.

Each runner agrees to:

Inform the Organization’s Medical Council in the event of the use of a prescription subject to a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). A procedure is available for this purpose in the health space which each runner can access free of charge on the website of the International Trail Running Association (ITRA): This information must be provided from the day of registration in the event of a TUE requested or obtained previously. Otherwise, it must be made no later than the 8th day following the TUE request and imperatively before the start of the race.

Accept all urine and/or blood and/or capillary samples and associated analyzes requested by the Organization’s Medical Council, it being understood that the costs inherent in carrying out these samples and associated analyzes are the direct responsibility of the Organization.

Accept to respond to any summons that the Medical Council may send him on the basis of the information concerning him that he has collected, so as to discuss his ability or not to participate in the race for which he has registered. At the end of the interview, the Medical Council may go so far as to propose to the Race Jury that the runner be taken out of competition.

ARTICLE 7 – Maximum authorized time and time barriers

For all events, maximum race times have been defined which may vary at any time depending on race conditions.
These time barriers are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish within the maximum time imposed. To be authorized to continue the event, competitors must leave the checkpoint before the fixed time limit (regardless of the time of arrival at the checkpoint).

ARTICLE 8 – Course, safety of runners and timetables

At any time, the organization of the Trail du Lac d’Annecy reserves the right to modify the route or the times of the events entered in this race. It also reserves the right to cancel a race for any reason that would put the life of the runner in danger or any case of force majeure (no refund can be requested).

The organization may have to modify the route and the distance originally planned, by favoring more numerous sections of road, in order to allow participants to run whatever the weather conditions and in complete safety (respecting the any prefectural decrees).
We make runners aware of the fact that fallback routes exist and that, except in exceptional conditions, the race can take place. The change of route cannot give rise to any compensation.

ARTICLE 9 – Compulsory equipment and penalties

Mandatory equipment – may be adjusted 15 days before the event
The equipment will not be checked at the distribution of the bibs, but will be randomly checked at the start, during the event and at the finish

1/ Basic Pack for everyone:

  • Adapted shoes (trail shoes type) – if it’s muddy think about having shoes with fairly large crampons, not “slick” otherwise it slips!!!
  • Survival blanket in its original packaging and uncut.
  • Mobile phone charged with the LiveRun application activated:
  • Apple:
  • Android:
  • Whistle
  • Visible bib (to be placed on the front of the runner. A second additional electronic chip will be attached to the back of your backpack).
  • Food (at least one gel just in case – up to you, but surely more if you are on a long distance !!!…)
  • Water: Container of at least 0.75 liters or 2 flasks of 0.5 liters –> it’s up to you, but for the vast majority of you, you probably need more. 1.5 to 2 Liters (or more for some) are recommended at the start of each Rav and water point!!! There will be no water drive up or 4×4 up the mountain, plan ahead.
  • Sticks allowed

2/ In addition to the Basic Pack, you will need:

Short-Race, Fémina-Race, R-Race SEPas Impossible:

Basic package +
According to the weather (info between 7 and 1 days by email and by SMS for French numbers): A jacket with “high impermeability and breathability” Type Salomon Bonatti Waterproof: emea/product/bonatti-waterproof-lc11935.html#color=67941

R-Race SENot Impossible

Basic package +
Headlamp in operation for:
– 1st torchbearer: 2h30 at night
– And according to departure time for the 4th torchbearer –> after 5 p.m., headlamp on the head of Rav3 de Villard-Dessus/
Model that fits well:

Marathon-Race and Marathon-eXperience

Basic package +
Water container in addition to your water supply: reusable cup type, because we have more right to put disposable plastic glasses on the supplies!!!
According to the weather forecast (info between 7 days and 1 day by email and by SMS for French numbers): a jacket with “high impermeability and breathability” Type Salomon Bonatti Waterproof: -emea/product/bonatti-waterproof-lc11935.html#color=67941

MaXi-Race and XL-Race:

Basic package +
Water container in addition to your water supply:
reusable cup type, because we have more right to put disposable plastic glasses on the supplies!!!
Headlamp in operation (2h30 at night for the 1st, 5h (2h30 + 2h30 the second night) for the last.
Jacket with “high waterproofing and breathability” Type Salomon Bonatti Waterproof:

Attention !!!

The Haute-Savoie prefecture can ask us to oblige you to run with a Great Cold Kit (in addition to the compulsory packs) up to 24 hours before the start!

Extreme cold kit

The activation of this kit will be decided no later than 24 hours before the event depending on weather conditions.

This kit includes: 1 long-sleeved fleece-type upper body layer + 1 long bottom + 1 pair of long gloves + 1 headgear (buff or hat) and a “highly waterproof and breathable” jacket (for those who did not have it). not in the mandatory list).

As recommended by the Delegated Federation (FFA), the competitor undertakes to possess the required safety equipment and to present it at any request from the organizer. There will be no pre-race checks by the organizers but random checks will be made at certain points on the course.
The “Equity” commission and all the controllers who witness irregularities (removal or exchange of equipment on the course, etc.) will have the task of disqualifying all runners who do not respect these essential points of the regulations. This is to ensure the safety of the runners but also to guarantee the autonomy and thus the ethics and the spirit of the Trail race.

Penalties and disqualification


Non-respect of volunteers/organizers and other runners
Not having an adult-sized survival blanket
Failure to respect the route, the prohibition to cut corners.
Transfer your bib to another runner without going through the dedicated platform.
Throw trash on the ground
Running with an animal whether attached or not
Failure to respect the waves and / or departure SAS
Non-use of the compulsory buses to get to the start of the Marathon-Race
Non-presentation of a valid health pass in case of control
Not having a mask or not wearing it in the compulsory areas
Non-compliance by the runner or the assistant with the parking areas indicated on site
Failure to respect the minimum ages to participate in the races

1 hour penalty:

Refueling on the course outside the authorized areas
Not having his whistle
Not having a headlamp or torch on the races where it is compulsory
Not having an adult-sized waterproof and breathable jacket on races where it is mandatory

30min penalty:

Ask the organizers for a drink in unauthorized areas
Be accompanied on the course by a person outside the current race (without bib)
Not having your mobile phone in working order

15min penalty:

Do not wear the bib in its entirety.
Not having your water supply indicated in the rules
Do not have a water container in addition to your water supply (cup type). In addition, you will not be able to drink at the aid stations because we do not provide cups or glasses at the aid stations.

ARTICLE 10 – controls and timing

To be checked in and timed, crossing the starting line is mandatory.

Many checkpoints will be positioned throughout the course to ensure perfect regularity of the race (computer control with the electronic bib and manual control). All these checks will then be rechecked on arrival.
Any surrender is final.

In the event of abandonment, the runner must send his bib number by SMS to the number indicated on his bib in order to avoid useless searches.
Otherwise, searches may be initiated in accordance with the law in force. The research costs will be re-invoiced to the runner and he will be banned from racing the following year.

ARTICLE 11 – Image rights

By participating in the weekend of the MaXi-Race (Trail du Lac d’Annecy), each competitor expressly authorizes the organization to use or have used or reproduce or have reproduced his name, his image, his voice and his sporting performance. within the framework of all these races with a view to any direct exploitation or in derivative form of the event, and this on any medium, throughout the world, by any means known or unknown to date, and for the entire duration of protection currently granted to direct or derivative operations by legal or regulatory provisions.

ARTICLE 12 – Personal data and privacy policy

When you register and take part in the event, we may collect personal information. These will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify personal data concerning you. Through us, you may receive proposals from other companies or associations. If you do not wish it, you just have to write to us indicating your surname, first name, full address.

ARTICLE 13 – Registration

Registration will only be done online, via the dedicated platform

Participation in organizational costs:

+ €1.5 minimum or more (at registration) distributed to aid for the development of sports associations or associations for the purpose of human mutual aid (in 2021 it was more than €30,000 that was donated)

+ €3 for non-FFA licensees

+ variable payment fees between 3 and 5€

Number of places

Places will be limited with one number per race. When it is reached for a race, registrations for this race will no longer be possible.

Registration process

To register, the runner must go to the dedicated site and fill in the requested information:

Registration is only final once payment has been made and the proof of aptitude has been downloaded and validated before May 01, 2023. If one or more of the conditions is not met, the runner will not be able to take go racing.

When a race is complete, the runners will have the possibility of registering on a waiting list Cancellation of the race by the organization and reimbursement of the runners:

If the event cannot take place in May 2023
The organizer undertakes to reimburse all registration fees (excluding management fees) * if the cancellation occurs no later than 27 days before the event (i.e. May 01).
If the cancellation takes place after May 1 (until Tuesday May 23**), the organizer undertakes to reimburse registered runners 80% of the registration fees*.

*People who have purchased a bib from a competitor already registered as part of a bib exchange will not be able to obtain a refund because payment for registration is not made via the module and does not go through the organization, this is not a choice on our part but a constraint linked to our registration module.
** After May 23, no refunds.

Article 15 – Cancellation insurance and transfer of bibs

Impossibility to start once registered

All registrants have the option of transferring their bib to the person of their choice up to one month before the event.
The resale of your bib was possible until April 17
When you register, you also have the option of taking out cancellation insurance.

For more information as well as the procedure to follow according to your situation, we invite you to consult the dedicated page

Bib resale Before April 17 (no longer possible after this date) – 2 solutions By yourself or by Swica

By yourself: General

The purchase/resale of bibs is possible up to 1.5 months before the date of the event.

It is possible to transfer a bib alone or with options. Only the cancellation insurance cannot be transferred

The payment of the bib and any options is made directly between the runners and does not bind the organizer. The price is freely fixed between the riders.

Information for the seller

When you have agreed with a buyer, you can start the bib transfer procedure by following the steps specified in the online help

Your identifiers to access your personal space were sent to you by email when you registered.
If you can’t find them, here’s how to request them again

You can see all the options taken during your registration by going to your personal space then clicking on “Sac Coureur” and downloading your invoice

Transfer of options to the buyer:
– Options can only be transferred during a bib transfer
– If you do not resell the options with your bib, we will not make any refund.
– The registration module only allows the automatic transfer of the bib and not of the options.
If you have resold options, once the bib transfer has been made on the module, please send us an email to so that we can manually transfer these options.

Specific case of team races (R-Race 4)
– For team races, the bib transfer is done team by team member.
– Each person registered within the team must therefore go to their personal space and carry out the transfer according to the method explained in the guide
– However, the name of the team cannot be changed by buyers. They will have to send an email to the organization once the bib transfer has been made, which will make this change manually.

Buyer Information

The redemption of a bib implies the acceptance of the rules of the event

If you buy a bib from a registered runner, it will not be possible to take out cancellation insurance, nor to obtain a refund or postponement if you cannot participate in the event.
This is not a choice on our part but a constraint linked to our registration module.

When redeeming your bib, you will have to pay on the registration module the assistance to associations, the fees for non-licensed runners, the management fees (bank).

Once you have agreed, it is up to the seller to transfer his bib by going to his personal space. For your part, you will find an explanation of the actions to be taken on the last page of the online help

The registration module only allows the automatic transfer of the bib number.
Any options will be transferred manually by our team in a second step if the seller requests it.
There will therefore be a delay of a few days before this transfer of option is carried out and you will be notified by email when it is done.
Following several misunderstandings, we remind you that if you have purchased a bib with options, you should not add them to the module because you will have to pay for them. It is up to the seller to request the transfer of options and we will add them manually

By Swica: Before April 17 (no longer possible after this date)

From January 15 on the following page:


Exchanges of bibs on Swika are supervised and authorized by the organizer, who has chosen to offer its participants this innovative service. By selling or buying your bib on Swika, you are guaranteed to exchange an official bib and run the event in your name. You will benefit from all the services offered by the organizer, as with a classic registration.

Buying a bib:

Purchases are made directly by clicking on the “I buy a bib” button. If a waiting list is activated, you can register in 2 clicks. When your turn comes, you will receive an email inviting you to complete your registration form and pay for your bib. Your participant information will be communicated to the organizer and you will then be registered in the regis

very official!

To participate in the event, in addition to the purchase of the bib on Swika, you will have to pay a fee of €3 if you are not licensed with the FFA as well as assistance to associations of a minimum amount of €1. .5€. These costs will be payable on your personal space of the event which will be communicated to you once the bib has been redeemed.

By purchasing a bib on Swika, you will not be able to take out cancellation insurance or obtain a refund if you cannot participate in the event.

Resale of a bib:

To resell a bib, you simply have to fill in the information requested in the deposit form. You will then receive a confirmation email as soon as your bib is sold. If your bib finds a buyer, you will be refunded directly to your bank account, and certain that no one will participate under your name!
Swika does not allow the resale of any options taken during the purchase. These will be lost and it will not be possible to obtain a refund.

Cancellation insurance 2023

Important information

Cancellation insurance is a service external to the organization offered by an insurer which can only be taken out at the time of registration.

The cost of this insurance is 11.5% of the amount of your registration

This insurance covers the amount of your registration
Reimbursement will be made up to 80% of the amount of the registration (excluding bank charges).
The details of the guarantees and conditions are available here

This insurance makes it possible to obtain reimbursement for any unforeseeable and sudden cause that does not allow participation in the event.

This insurance does not allow you to obtain a refund in the event of cancellation of the event. In this case, our general conditions apply (see details in the section “Cancellation of the race by the organizer and reimbursement of the runners”)
It also does not allow you to obtain a refund for a reason that can be considered linked to a pandemic or epidemic (Covid 19 in particular).

How to exercise this insurance?

Valid for resident participants from all over the world and for any cancellation made up to 72 hours after the event

If you subscribed to this insurance when you registered, all you have to do is go to your contract, received by email, to access the reimbursement request link and follow the instructions.
Please note that if you request reimbursement, your registration will be automatically canceled and the insurer will take care of your compensation. Once the request has been made, we as the organizer do not have the possibility of knowing the progress of your reimbursement.

ARTICLE 16 – Reminder on prohibitions

Important Reminders

For the well-being of all runners and to guarantee you a good event, we would like to remind you of the following points.

It’s forbidden :

to park outside the authorized zones marked on site in all the race zones. This rule applies to riders but also to assistants.
to enter the refueling zones or the MaXi-Village with an animal
to smoke during race time as well as in the supply zones and the MaXi-Village
to enter the bib pick-up marquee with an accompanying person. Strollers and children are not recommended because the walking space is narrow.
to run with an animal
that someone runs next to you to be the water carrier or the assistance (with or without a bib). You can run together, but not to “voluntarily assist a runner”
to be pushed or pulled by a runner or guide!
to refuel you on the course. Assistance is only allowed in the authorized areas indicated on the race pages.

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