Steps To Nature

All the information about the 2020 actions will be updated in september
Environnment, a priority !

The MaXi-Race adheres to the Steps To Nature Program, which encourages and help outdoor organizers to take some “steps” to reduce our environmental impact and make us aware of sustainable sports practices.

We have been involved since the very first edition on these themes (water ramps, recycling, reusable supports …) but we try to progress each year to make our event as neutral as possible for our playground and place of life .

The Steps To Nature evolutions for 2019

– More autonomy with some courses less assistance allowed
Drastic reduction of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable waste
– Recyclable waste tracking via our private “recycling” partners
– Dedicated space in the village exhibiting brands and environmental associations

– More than 80% of organic and / or local food on Aid stations
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More info coming soon about this actions…


Recycling your running shoes


In partnership with Entrepot du bricolage and RunCollect, we set up a collect of used shoes on the Salomon Gore-Tex MaXi-Race. After having traveled many kilometers together we propose to offer a second life to your shoes whatever their condition.

How to do ? Once cleaned, you only need to put them in one of the 2 bins provided for this purpose on the village exhibitor in the tent Entrepot du bricolage .
The shoes in state take the direction of the humanitarian circuit through French associations and are redistributed in order to put the poorest of us, here or elsewhere.
Other shoes that are too worn will be recycled and the materials used for their design will be reused. Thus, the fabric, the sole and the laces are isolated for a new production.

MaXi-Race Without Car

The MaXi-Race is mobilizing to reduce carbon emissions and heavy traffic around Lake Annecy.
To do this, various actions are put in place on our event to encourage participants to favor public transport very well provided on and around the Annecy basin.
In addition to the “ecolonomic” and practical considerations, be aware that it will be very difficult for you to park near the Albigny Beach where the exhibitor village and the departure / arrival area are located.

From 2018:

  • Obligation for the relay teams to go by bus to the summit of Semnoz
  • Set up shuttles for the start of the Marathon Race, Short Race and Femina Race.
  • A MaXi Souvenir* pack offered to participants attesting to a round-trip train ticket composted on the weekend of the event.

Details of the MaXi Souvenir pack :

  • About 10 photos (individual and ambiance) mostly in live + the official video
  • Offer limited to 500 pack

All you have to do is go to the MaXi Souvenir tent on the exhibitor village and present your proof to take advantage of the precious sesame to download your pack.
* For those who come on foot or by bike, we congratulate you greatly and will study the issue because it will be difficult to control it … but in the meantime comfort you by telling you that your trip did not cost you anything and that you have more last training or warmup before the race ?

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