What a MaXi-Race ?

A prestigious place, a dream destination, an excuse to travel and explore…

  • An immersion in a culture and opportunities to learn about local treasures
  • A mountain area with a maximum vertical elevation, views and single-track trails
  • A popular event with different courses to find a suitable challenge to his desires / capacities
  • Respect for sports values: Fair play, courage, solidarity, generosity, humility, perseverance…
  • A festival and a showcase of the trail (animations, exhibitions …)
  • Competence & professionalism shared in the field of organization (lighting, security …)
  • Maximum respect for the environment and strong local involvement

That is the common essence we want to see in each Maxi-Race although each of them is unique.

Interested to organize a new MaXi-Race ?

Contact cyrilmaxirace@gmail.com